Episode 26: Joe Beck – Finding Your Divine Spark in Even the Worst of Situations

In this episode of the Joyous Expansion Podcast, Brett Dupree talks about his experience at the District 2 Toastmasters Annual Conference, then he interviews Joe Beck who talks about his struggles with addiction and how that ended up landing him in jail. His mom gave him a book that changed his life, and now he helps other people change theirs through his company Divine Spark.

Joe is the founder of Divine Spark. He is a YouTuber, Personal Blogger, and content creator. After facing his own personal struggles and bottoms, Mr. Beck is now devoted to a life of healing and transformation.

His victory over drug and alcohol addiction along with severe anxiety and depression is truly inspiring and I know you are going to enjoy this conversation.

You can follow Joe Beck on Instagram @wakingjoebeck and on facebook @JoeBeckInspiration You can check in to his weekly videos on YouTube @DivineSpark. If you are at all interested in life coaching, transformational online courses, inspirational videos, crystal jewelry, or intuitive readings, please check out Divine Spark’s website which is www.divine-spark.com and be sure to subscribe to their email list to receive updates and inspiring weekly emails.

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Episode 25: Mandi Dorrell – A Story of Childhood Trauma to Saving High School Students from Committing Suicide

In this episode, Brett Dupree first discusses commandment number 5 of the Chruch of Awesome, Being Friends with Failure.  After that, he has a wonderful interview with Mandi Dorrell. First, she talks about the struggles of growing up in a verbally abusive household. Then she talks about how she became an advocate of suicide prevention.

Mandi Dorrell has been a teacher and adjunct professor for ten years and the program director of suicide prevention nonprofit. Growing up in a verbally abusive household and spending most of her life people-pleasing, she’s recently learned ways to give of herself while still honoring her own needs and wants. She now strives to live every day to the fullest and takes every experience with gratitude.

You can follow Mandi on Instagram at @themessyohm For more information on her suicide prevention programs, check out http://www.yourzenself.com

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Episode 24: Kat Kim – Utilizing the Shame of Past Mistakes to Fuel Your Burning Desires

In today’s episode, Brett Dupree talks about the 4th commandment of the Church of Awesome. Treat Others Awesome. Then he has a wonderful conversation with Kat Kim where they talk about her struggles with addiction, child abuse, how race affected her life, and how to utilize the shame of past mistakes to fuel your secret desires.

Kat Kim is a spiritual teacher, workshop leader, and founder of The School of Divine Confidence, which offers spiritual training and confidence coaching to emerging leaders, spiritual seekers and changemakers who are ready to come out of hiding and reclaim their confidence and personal power.

A former convicted drug offender and crack addict who faced three years in state prison, her radical transformation has landed her on set with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a contributing coach and mentor on his motivational reality TV show called Wake Up Call that aired nationally on TNT. She was also featured as a finalist in the New York Television Festival’s Lifetime Unscripted Development Pipeline as a successful Seattle entrepreneur.

After battling addiction, abuse, bullying, and depression for decades, Kat now helps women all over the world step into the best version of themselves where they can truly make a difference.

Kat offers a FREE audio training called: “From Shame to Confidence: How to Reclaim Your Personal Power with One Magical Question.” Go to:


(shame to confidence – all one word) and download it. In this audio training, you will learn how to use the shame of past mistakes to fuel your secret burning desire (and divine calling) to make an impact in the world.

You can find out more about Kat and The School of Divine Confidence at www.katkim.com.

And don’t forget to follow her on social media!

FB: www.facebook.com/katkimofficial


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Episode 23: Marita Rahlenbeck – Feel Fantastic In Your Own Skin with Sacred Mundanity

In this episode Brett Dupree discusses the 3rd  Commandment of the Church of Awesome, then has a wonderful interview with Marita Rahlenbeck. Marita discusses how she helps people feel fantastic in their own skin by the lessons she learned from living through a traumatic brain injury.



Marita Rahlenbeck helps women entrepreneurs, thought leaders and career professionals feel fantastic in their own skin so they can shine from the inside out — energetically and physically — by teaching, leading & modeling the magic of food, essential oils and the Sacred in everyday living.

She is the forthcoming author of Living with Grace — A story of love and healing leaving paw prints on the heart


Check out: Confident Productivity ~ Holistic Balance and Calm made Easy

link for that: https://www.maritainternational.com/confident-productivity-opt-in

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Episode 22: Cherezade Aanya – Healing Trauma Through Womb Awakening

In this episode, Brett Dupree unleashes the 2nd commandment of the Church of Awesome! Listen to why you should treat yourself awesome. Then he has an amazing interview with Cherezade where they discuss her past with drug addiction to her present as an awakener of women through the power of their bodies

Cherezade Aanya Smalley MA, LMHCA is a Spiritually Grounded Mental Health Counselor and Womb Awakening Medicine Womxn. Creatrix of Awakening the Womb Seattle a Women’s group centered around the Feminine Mystery School teachings of Womb Awakening and The Sacred Mystica Counseling and Healing Arts. Cherezade is a way-shower for the collective, living an embodied life of spiritual and healing service through her own healing journey from c-PTSD, and addiction. She is passionate about assisting others in understanding and thriving through their awakening and ascension process, providing tools and guidance in healing from trauma, re-teaching the ways of the Womb and reclaiming the Divine Feminine within us all.

Cherezade offers 1:1 counseling, integrative healing sessions, coaching and Womb Awakening Mentoring in Seattle as well as online. Her offerings include Energy and Sound Alchemy, Shamanic Journeying into the Womb and Hara, Womb Healing and Activations, and Somatic Sexual Embodiment Guidance. She also facilitates workshops and retreats. Cherezade can be found on Instagram @thesacredmystica, website coming soon at www.thesacredmystica.com. You can also connect with her in person at the Expansion festival, June 2019 in Duvall Washington where she will be leading a workshop on the path of reconnecting with the Womb, or in Crete, Greece August 2019 where she will be co-facilitating a retreat with the Sacred Breath Academy for the Sacred Feminine Rising.

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Episode 21: Ross Murker – Successfully Selling Without Alienating

In this episode, Brett Dupree unleashes the Church of Awesome! Yes, the first time Brett Dupree ever told the public about the Church of Awesome! He starts with the 1st Commandment of the Church of Awesome. After that, he has a wonderful interview with Ross Murker. Ross Murker talks about the struggles of dealing with the death of his wife, and how that experience has helped him become more resilient to the struggles of being an entrepreneur. He also tells us the importance of being authentic while making the sale, to successfully connect to your prospect.

Ross Murker is a sum of many parts: he is a survivor of childhood molest, abuse, and neglect, was a “did not work up to potential” student in school, a divorcee’, a serial entrepreneur who held 39 conventional jobs across 40 years of employable life while learning by failing at several different business opportunities during the same period,

AND is successful a few different ways as well: a veteran, father, widower, business-team-builder, Toastmaster, a student of public speaking, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, a karaoke singer, an 800 wpm+ speed-reader…, He brings a WIDE variety of personal & professional experience & education along with an earnest desire to be of service in helping people succeed.

Are you tired? Or, are you where I used to be, where “tired” is simply too weak of a word for the soul-numbing, bone-crushing WEARINESS you fight through to survive your day? I recently learned a SECRET: It’s not just what we’re eating and how – it’s what’s eating US.
While carbohydrates and caffeine can elevate cortisol, there’s a more insidious cause: Whether we call it Stress. Anxiety. or Worry, we know that we could do better if only we could somehow reclaim our personal energy, recover our “Try” with a bit more “Umph!”…
Click the “Learn More” button on the page or the link below, and let’s address the problem at its root.

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Episode 20: Caroline Palmy – Healing Heartbreak Through Selflove

In Episode 20 Brett Dupree discusses his history in dating and how finding how he needs to change who he is rather than worry to much about attracting women. Then he has a wonderful interview with Caroline Palmy, who talks about how she was able to rebound from an abusive relationship.

Caroline Palmy is a Heart Flow Healer and award-winning Author

She helps gorgeous Empaths, Sensitive Souls, Earth Angels and Giving hearts to come back into the flow of love.

Caroline cannot help but express and embody her heart and helps others to find express and embody their hearts too.

She teaches from the heart for the heart and of the heart.

Her first book ‘Conversations With Me’ was published July 2018, and won a mention on Janey Loves Platinum Award List.

Her second book ‘Loving Conversations With Me’ will be published on May 6th, 2019.

She lives in Switzerland, with her 3 (nearly) grown kids, a Golden Retriever a cat and 9 Tortoises, surrounded in nature.

My facebook page




And in my Open Hearted Sisterhood Group on FB (woman only)


You can get my first book ‘Conversations With Me’ on Amazon (search by my name  Caroline Palmy)


Kindle and paperback, also available in German

Looking forward to getting to know you

Remember to come back to your heart.

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Episode 19: Camille Elizabeth – Going From Eating Disorder to Loving Yourself

In Episode 19, Brett Dupree talks about his weight loss journey. They struggles as he tries to break the pattern. Then he has a wonderful discussion with Camille Elizabeth on her struggles with her eating disorder. How both finding the right help and learning how to love herself helped her through it.

Camille Elizabeth is an artist and facilitator, working with language, imagery, and embodiment to share messages of beauty, love, and collective collaboration with the world. She invites life to fully express its vastness and depth through herself and others. Her intention is to exist as a fiercely loving leader in this time of great change. Camille has prioritized walking her path of healing core wounds and family dynamics, understanding that uniting one’s fragmented energy body toward goodness is paramount to generating any type of true peace (aka success) in the physical world. The biggest way she needed to address this early in life, was by bringing loving attention to the relationship she had with her body, and curiosity toward the pain it was expressing, realizing it to be a manifestation of much bigger forces, beyond herself. Camille’s choice to face and overcome a lifetime battle with disordered eating was the first and scariest door to walk through on her personal path of integration, and activation of her true self. She is here today to share her story….

Camille is stepping up and out into the world in many new ways this year! If you would like to read her poetry, find out more about her upcoming podcast and events, or maybe even collaborate: follow her on Instagram at @camillerevealed. You can also follow her on Facebook by searching Camille Elizabeth. Sometimes she shares things on fb, like videos, that she doesn’t share on Instagram! 🙂

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Episode 18: Carole Freeman – Healing the Brain and the Body with Ketosis

In this episode Brett Dupree talks about what it takes to speak authentically and how to utilize your emotions in connecting with the audience. He also has a wonderful interview with Keto Carole about her journey into living the Keto Life.

Carole Freeman is a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist that went from squeaking by on $18k a year to over 6-figures in her online business after launching her Fast-Track to Keto Success program, the program that teaches women who have yo-yo dieted their entire lives how to implement a keto diet for quick AND lasting weight loss, so that they can finally get freedom from dieting and feel at peace with their body and food. Although Carole received master’s degrees in nutrition and psychology, it wasn’t until a disabling car accident in 2014 that she discovered a ketogenic diet to recover from a traumatic brain injury and chronic pain in her legs, and along the way, experienced the tremendous power of a keto diet combined with all her years of psychology as the answer to lifelong weight struggles.

You can find Carole all over social media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, as KetoCarole, Carole has an E on the end, so that’s K-E-T-O C-A-R-O-L-E. If you are curious about this keto diet, you can get a free 7-day Fast & Easy Keto Meal plan on her website at KetoCarole.com.

Episode 17: Alicia Sunflower – Healing Trauma Through Shadow Work and Love

In the 17th episode Brett Dupree discusses the Andy Dooley workshop he attended where he learned how to change his relationship with procrastination. Then he had a wonderful interview with Alicia Sunflower about healing past trauma to live the life of your dreams.

Alicia Sunflower is a licensed mental health counselor, medicine woman, integrative heart healer, singer, poet, host of the Cultural Magik Podcast, and founder and facilitator of Seattle Moon Group. Alicia is passionate about the spiritual cultural revolution that is taking place around the world, and being a part of that change. Her goal is to be her medicine in all that she does and use her skills and talents to help with the awakening of consciousness on Earth. She specializes in healing emotional trauma and integrating mystic earth based spirituality into her professional healing services and art.

Alicia works with clients 1:1 and in groups in Seattle and Vashon, Washington. Check out more about her services at www.aliciagleason.com. You can find her poetry, songs, and writing on her journal there, or her instagram @thealiciasunflower and YouTube Alicia Sunflower. Be sure to check out her podcast Cultural Magik too, for interviews and discussions on the spiritual cultural r(e)volution!

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