Episode 40: Christina Martine – Helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs Become Abundant with the Abundance Goddess

In this episode, Brett Dupree celebrates his 41st birthday. Hooray! Another year on this wonderful planet. He gives a year in review on how his life has gone. Then he has a wonderful interview with the Abundance Goddess, Christina Martine. Who talks about how she started out with drug addiction. Then one day when she was going to commit suicide a voice talked to her about living her life’s purpose. At that point, everything was turned around.

Christina Martine is a Spiritual Teacher and Visionary Coach. She helps women claim their true wealth and power so they can create the life and business of their dreams.

Christina runs the Abundant Goddess Academy, a 3 Month Group Coaching Program for female spiritual entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to join you can book a call with her through her website theabundancegoddess.com.

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Episode 39: Sharon Spink – Finding Passion Later in Life and Using Positive Mindset to Becoming an Actress

In this episode, Brett Dupree discusses the power of emotions. Do we really have to detach from our emotions to become great leaders?

Also he talks to Sharon Spink in his first international interview. Yes, Brett Dupree is now an international podcaster. How cool is that? He talks with Sharon on how during her later years in life discovered a love of acting, and due to her amazing acting coach teaching her the importance in having the right mindset to have a successful acting career, now helps others with her Mindset Coaching. She also reads some of her poetry. How fun!

Sharon is a Spotlight registered actress & voiceover artist. Based in Leeds, North Yorkshire, UK, she trains with Christopher Torretto at Northern Star Acting; attending their weekly classes in Leeds.

She is passionate, empowering & confident & has an optimistic, fun-loving personality with excellent acting & improvisation skills.

She has written and produced her first short film, Bruised Reflections, which is in post-production and will be hitting the festival circuit before going on general release. Her other credits include The Odyssey – a lead role, where she plays the head of the militia, Beth, Wretched Things, Clouds and Remember Remember: Grace & Mercy.

As well as being an actress, Sharon has become a mindset coach, helping other members of the acting industry to reach their potential. She uses the skills she’s learnt over the years to help increase their confidence, overcome their limiting beliefs and become the people they were destined to be.

In her spare time Sharon is also an avid poetry writer and will shortly be publishing her first book of poems. Her poetry mainly revolves around positivity & mindset but there are a few fun poems in there too. Sharon puts her poetry writing skills down to her ancestry; being a descendant of Lord Byron, the 18th century poet.

If you want to find out more about Sharon then you can find her on social media or via her website at: http://www.sharonspink.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SharonSpinkAct/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SharonSpinkAct

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sharonspinkact/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharon-spink-8b12a3151/

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Episode 38: Debbie Dixon – Cleansing Your Body, Mind, and Soul to Step Into Your Power

In this episode Brett Dupree talks about the pain of procrastination as it pertains to why this episode is late. Then he has a wonderful interview with Debbie Dixon on how she went from working in the sex industry, drugs, and abusive relationships to becomeing a Yoga Practitioner, Published Author, and a Life Coach who transforms lives with one-on-one coaching and workshops.

Debbie Dixon, Author of “The Path to Freedom Your guide to living the life of your dreams” Is a Life Coach, inspirational speaker, Yoga teacher and Founder of Love is the Truth… An organization that recognizes the power of love to heal and overcome adversity. With a focus on woman and children who have been or are currently being compromised and are feeling trapped by their circumstances and have developed patterns of negative thinking, low self-esteem, unhealthy lifestyles, addictions or abuse.

Having come from abusive relationships, addictions, sex-trafficking, lack of self-worth, incarceration herself, Debbie relates to and understands the feeling of “Me against the world” and how dreaming about a better life gets lost when you are concerned about your next meal. The very programs she offers are the same things that saved her life and pulled her from the trenches into a life filled with joy, infinite abundance, love and happiness!


She took her first yoga class in 1997 and the spark was almost instantaneous. Having studied and taught yogic philosophy for many years before being formally introduced to the asana, taking her studies to the mat gave her the opportunity to experience with her own body, mind and spirit, the miracles this practice can create in ones’ life. Ten years ago, she taught her first yoga class and shortly after she opened (Seven Hot Yoga) a studio/community she owned and ran for over four years.

Through her workshops, retreats and seminars she gives people the tools to change their thinking, shift their consciousness and heal their lives.

Her ultimate goal is to ignite spiritual health in others. So, she has created a guide out of the mundane cycle of waking up, working, going to bed and into a passion driven, purpose filled life where wishes are granted instantly, prayers are answered and love, light, peace and happiness exist in every breath. She provides an easy to use instruction manual for creating a life where you are no longer an observer of the life of your dreams but, a participant.

Check out her website www.loveisthetruth.org to see how you can become part of her “Love Tribe” Every other week she offers soulful Sunday talks at Lifetime fitness in Bellevue… She offers one on one life coaching and this year is offering transformational retreats to Egypt, Peru and Costa Rica.

Episode 37: Amelia Martinez – From the Worst 60 Days to Living Her Dreams

In this episode Brett Dupree discusses the importance of looking for the positive and then Amelia shares her amazing story on how she lost everything. After losing everything, she was able to utilize the power of a positive mindset to create an amazing life. Now she helps others do the same.

More information about Amelia Martinez, her work and how to work directly with her can be found at www.OneWomanArmy.net.

You can follow in social media on

-Instagram @AmeliaMartinezIG

-Facebook Page @OneWoman Army

For those interested in finding out the hidden unconscious blocks that are causing you most of your stress, Amelia has recently developed an assessment that has been in the works for 2 years and would love to give you access to this PDF.   To let Amelia know where to send you this cutting-edge PDF, please send an email to happytohelp@OneWomanArmy.net with the subject: Claiming my Hidden Blocks Assessment Now, and she will be happy to send it to you within 24 hrs.

Amelia is also available for 1:1 sessions worlwide, either by phone or in person.  If you would be interested in exploring the possibility to work with Amelia, please send her an email to happytohelp@OneWomanArmy.net with the subject: Ready For Discovery Call, and she will be contacting you within 24 hrs to set up such free 25 min call.

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Episode 36: Jayne Sanders – Finding Your Purpose in the Palm of Your Hands

In this episode Brett Dupree discusses the power of being vulnerable. Why you want to be vulnerable and how being vulnerable is the best way to connect to your audience to sell to them.

He also has a wonderful interview with Jayne Sanders, a Life Purpose Coach and Scientific Hand Analyst. If you are intersted in finding your Life’s Purpose, check out this episode to see that your life’s purpose is in the palm of your hands

The ‘science’ in Scientific Hand Analysis refers to the fact that the lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain. This technology is so accurate that FORBES featured it and Jayne in an article. She actually works remotely, using Zoom video and has clients as far away as Singapore and Papa New Guinea. Jayne send her clients a simple handprint kit and uses their handprints. Please reach her at Jayne@purposewisdom.com (no spam please), or through her website at www.purposewisdom.com to receive a $100 special discount for Joyous Expansion followers.

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Episode 35: Shawn Anderson – Going The Extra Mile…Literally

In this episode Brett Dupree discusses the importance of telling a story when connecting to the audience. He figured this out during his Kickstarter addiction. He is willing to pay $100 for a Kickstarter, but rarely buys one of those games in the store. 

Then he interviews the inspirational Shawn Anderson, who talks about going the extra mile. He has walked across six countries in the last 5 years to inspire people to go the extra mile, while looking for the most inspirational stories during his trip

Shawn is a #1 ranked motivational author, unlimited thinker, and lifetime entrepreneur with a history of inspiring others. A seven-time author, Shawn is also the creator of Extra Mile Day…a day recognizing the power we each have to create positive change when we “go the extra mile.” (On 11/1/18, 553 cities made the declaration and recognized local extra-mile heroes.) 

Shawn walks his talk. Besides having inspired tens of thousands through his speaking and writing(including an inspirational speaking tour in the Philippines attended by 20,000 attendees),Shawn’s built a million dollar company, pedaled a bike solo across the U.S. (twice), and created adventures in 45+ countries including having walked across six countries in the last five years (England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and 750 miles around Shikoku, Japan.) He will be walking 450+ miles across his 7th country (France) in July 2019.


Still…he believes his greatest adventures and success are waiting to be lived. 


Extra Mile Day & Extra Mile America History:


In 2009, in order to symbolize the “go the extra mile” message, Shawn Anderson (a non-bicyclist) pedaled 4,000 miles ocean-to-ocean, interviewed 200+ people along the way whom had been identified as having gone the extra mile, and then gave $10,000 of his own money to the people and organizations whose stories most inspired him. As a part of that cross-country extra-mile ride, Extra Mile Day (11/1)……a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change in our families, our organizations, our communities and ourselves when we “go the extra mile”… was created with 23 inaugural cities. The momentum of this unique day has continued to build each year since, and on November 1, 2018, 553 mayors and cities made the “Extra Mile Day” declaration and recognized people who are “going the extra mile” to make a difference in volunteerism and service in their community.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExtraMileAmerica

Website: www.ExtraMileAmerica.org


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Episode 34: Nikki Barron – Helping Creatives Through Emotions and Earnestness

In this episode Brett Dupree talks about his struggles with utilizing his emotions behind his desires and how he is holding himself back from reaching his full potential because of it.

Which perfectly leads into the wonderful interview with Nikki Barron, who talks about helping creatives (song writers, singers, entertainers) turn their passions into businesses. She talks about how unblocking her emotions has helped her in her business, and the joys of working earnestly.

Nikki Barron is the founder of kittenteeth, a marketing and business coaching program for creatives. Kittenteeth helps creators turn their passions into a small business. You can make a living from your art and she can help you.

To book a session with Nikki visit her website at kittenteeth.marketing or find her on Facebook & Instagram under the handle, kittenteeth.

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Episode 33: Harry Sherwood – Consciously Living to Reach Your Full Potential

In this episode, Brett Dupree discusses his thoughts on how to live your full potential and how all of his interviews that day have an amazing theme. He also has a wonderful conversation with Harry Sherwood, who gives a lot to think about on how to live your full potential through meditation.

Harry Sherwood’s dedication to following his heart led him to travel the world. Over the last decade, he lived with and learned from monks, yogis, martial arts masters, professors, and psychologists. Harry practiced thousands of hours of meditation and received a Religious Studies degree from the University of Michigan. He studied Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kriya Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and psychology.  Harry also took part in shamanic ceremonies, tribal ceremonies, plant-medicine ceremonies, and funeral ceremonies ranging from China to Ghana to Indonesia to California. The culmination of these experiences led Harry to found Consciously.org, where he and Melanie McDaniel guide people into fulfillment, transformation and expanded awareness in mind, body, and spirit.  Harry is currently working for his Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling Degree at the University of Sedona.


Visit Consciously.org today and if you are drawn to any of the programs or coaching session, you will receive a 25% discount if you tell them you heard Harry on the Joyous Expansion podcast.  Make sure to take an extra close look at the Emotional Release sessions as they are designed to rid us of the sticky emotional baggage that holds so many of us back in life.  

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Episode 32: Riana Milne – Healing Childhood Trauma

In the 32nd episode, Brett Dupree discusses the damage of holding in trauma in the body and what he is doing to release it. Also, he has a wonderful conversation with Riana Milne who gives you the 7 Ds for reaching any goal and the 10 Childhood Trauma’s that you may need to clear.

Riana Milne is a Certified, Global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach, a #1 Best Selling author, the Host of her Podcast, ALEXA’s Daily Brief, and global Radio Show on BoldBraveMedia.com called Lessons in Life & Love, an educational speaker, a Certified Trauma & Addictions Professional – and is Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 19 years in Palm Beach County, Florida.

She was also a Life & Dating Coach for the Docu-Series – Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40. Riana specializes in those who have had past Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma; and offers 1-on-1, VIP Coaching, and Online Virtual Coaching Programs for both Singles & Couples at her LifeandLoveTrainingAcademy.com

1) I offer a Life & Love Transformation Strategy Session – a $500 value for Singles; a $1000 value for Couples); for only $47 to meet for a whole hour

2) Free Love Tests & Chapter downloads of both my books; LIVE & LOVE Beyond Your Dreams is found on the homepage of RianaMilne.com

3) Free eBook on the topic of Childhood Trauma: found at –www.HavetheLoveYouDeserve.com

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Episode 31: Naresh Vissa – Never Retire By Loving What You Do

In episode 31 Brett Dupree discusses the joy of his first year of running the Lightworkers Toastmasters. His year as president has come to an end and he gives a heartfelt look back on his year. 

Then he has a wonderful interview with Naresh Vissa, who discusses his trials and successes of being an entrepreneur. He is also nice enough to give some tips and tricks on running your own successful business. 


Naresh Vissa is the Founder & CEO of Krish Media & Marketing – a full service online and digital media and marketing consultancy and agency. He has worked with CNN Radio, J.P. Morgan Chase, EverBank, The Institute for Energy Research, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, the American Junior Golf Association, Agora Financial, Agora Publishing, Stansberry Research, and TradeStops. He is the #1 bestselling author of FIFTY SHADES OF MARKETING: Whip Your Business into Shape & Dominate Your CompetitionPODCASTNOMICS: The Book of Podcasting… To Make You MillionsTHE NEW PR: 21st Century Public Relations Strategies & Resources… To Reach Millions and the new book FROM NOBODY TO BESTSELLING AUTHOR! How To Write, Publish & Market Your Book. He has been featured on USA TodayYahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington PostBusinessweekMSN MoneyBusiness InsiderIndia TodayHindustan Times and other domestic and international media outlets.





Get FREE copies of my books by getting on my e-mail newsletter list at www.NareshVissa.com and then contacting me through the site. All my books are also available on Amazon by searching for “Naresh Vissa.”


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