Episode 71: Nicki Snow – Creating A Healthy Life By Learning Your Erotic Language

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about what it takes to be joyful during these stressful times as well as how he is done with the vilification of fear. Then he has a wonderful interview with Nicki Snow. Nicki talks about her journey to becoming an Erotic Blueprint coach.

Over the last 30 years, Nicki has excelled in male-dominated industries, she has become an expert in all things human body, from anatomy and physiology to human sexuality.  She has helped men step into a more empowered relationship with their body and mind, helping them to achieve what they want in their life.

She was one of only 50 people in the world, and 1 of only 5 women that were hand-selected to be a Master Certified Muscle Activation Specialist.

Since that time, she has worked with some of the greatest experts in their fields like Jaiya, creator of the Erotic Blueprints and consultant for Tony Robbins’ Platinum clients; Joseph Kramer, creator of Sexological Bodywork; Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist and consciousness researcher; and Satyen Raja, Kung Fu Master and Founder of Accelerated Evolution.

She is the creator of the Authentic Masculinity 90-day program, where she helps men who are feeling guilty about their desires for sex and intimacy. She is also co-producer of the Men’s Voice Project- a curated and heartfelt storytelling event that exposes the untold paths that men walk through, helping people understand men in a way that counters what the culture propagates men to be. 

For those of you that are really committed to getting the love and sex life of your dreams, she wanted to do something special for you. So here’s the deal… normally, her 1:1 consulting time is over 400/hour. But since you’re here today, she wanted to do something special for you.

 This isn’t for everybody… this is specifically for those of you that have been struggling with suppressing your voice; you’re unsure how to communicate; you might have difficulties with erections, orgasm, and ejaculation; you are not feeling fully satisfied both emotionally and sexually, and you might not have anyone to talk to about this. And what you really want is Authentic Connection, Love, Intimacy, and Partnership!

 If this sounds like you, or a man you love, she would like to gift you a one on one Discovery Session completely complimentary… In this session, she’ll take a look at where you are now, what your specific goals are, and what may be stopping you from having what you ultimately want. 

Go to her website: www.thecockcure.com and fill out an application today! Make sure to mention that you heard about Nicki on the Joyous Expansion podcast. She can also be found on FB at Nicki Snow and on IG at nicki.theholisticsexcoach.

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Episode 70: Amanda Love – Fibromyalgia Real Solutions

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his latest episode of The Church Of Awesome on how your Facebook Feed Is Your Vibration. Then he has a wonderful interview with Amanda Love who talks about her living with undiagnosed fibromyalgia, being diagnosed, and then how she helps others live with their diagnosis.

My guest today is Amanda Elise Love. Amanda is a registered holistic nutritionist who works with those with fibromyalgia. She wants you to know the meaning of the word holistic by talking about nutrition and supplements. To think of the word holistic is to realize that it means the integration of the mind, body, and spirit when addressing health issues. She has a long history of illness which culminated with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia at the age of 20. She knows this syndrome because she has been there. She no longer suffers from the pain, fatigue, and headaches of this syndrome. Now she helps those with fibromyalgia do the same.

Check out the Fibro Fix at http://amandaeliselove.com/

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Episode 69: Erik Leslie – Turning Stress and Burnout Into Resilience And High Performance

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about how easy it is to succumb to hate, and how we should choose love with empathy. Then he has a wonderful interview with Erik Leslie about resilience and becoming a public speaker

When Erik was 20 years old he was in a car accident that changed his life. His girlfriend ended up dying in the accident and he suffered a head injury, where throughout the next 2 years, Erik developed Post Traumatic Stress and went through many dark times. Then he saw a “Time Magazine” article that claimed the best natural stress reliever was through mindfulness and mental training. This could allow him to influence his physiology and change his relationship with himself, others, and life. Erik ended up being able to shift his PTSD into Post Traumatic Growth. There is amazing power within each of us, and learning to cultivate the power of resilience can move many of us through obstacles and challenges we never thought we could

Go to Erik’s website and check out the resource page for some free get started tools at http://satimind.com
Also, you can find him on my FB Page called “The Path of The Resilient Mind”, where he does training and live videos every week

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Episode 68: Unicole Unicron – Changing The World Into A Unitopia Through Oneness

In this episode, Brett Dupree first talks about how he has grown to love doing the Joyous Expansion Podcast. How it went from a burden to a love.

Then he has a wonderful interview with Unicole Unicron who talks about what it is like growing up being bullied in school to going online and starting xir own cult. Xe was even featured on MTV.

Unicole Unicron is a pop star cult leader from space. Unicole started UNICULT to change the entire world into Unitopia! Please follow Uniole on popular social media websites. Unicole is literally happy that you specifically are here.

Find out more about Unicult at http://unicoleunicron.com/

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Episode 67: Jean Prominski – Organize Your Home To Make Your Life Sparkle

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about the NFL draft and how it reminded him to focus on the things he wants in life instead of the things he doesn’t. Which, of course, is COVID-19. Then he has a wonderful interview with Jean who discusses the benefit of changing your whole life while organizing your home.

She is a Certified Professional Organizer and an artist, and she is the author of Color To Declutter. She specializes in helping people with ADHD get organized and stay organized. She has a Masters of Fine Art from Rhode Island School of Design, a Level 4 (teacher trained) Reiki practitioner, Health Coaching Certifications through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Health Coach Institute, is a Certified Professional Organizer through the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, and holds additional certificates through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. She is the founder of Seattle Sparkle.
If you subscribe to the Joyous Expansion podcast, you can get a copy of Color to Declutter for 20% off. Use the code “Expand Joy” at the checkout. Go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/SeattleSparkleHome?coupon=EXPANDJOY

She is also offering a special on her virtual organizing sessions. Go to: https://seattlesparkle.com/home-organizing/

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Episode 66: Amanda Webster – Balancing Mind And Body To Achieve Happiness And Success

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his discovery of the fact that he probably has allergies. And that he never checked because I always thought of himself as a person without allergies.

Then he has a wonderful interview with Amanda Webster. Who talks about her attempted suicide and falling to rock bottom. How she was able to take her life to the next level by balancing her mind and body.

Amanda is a fitness model and certified wellness coach who overcame depression on her own terms after years of being guinea-pigged on anti-depressants, losing her parents and succumbing to addiction and self-harm led her to a ledge in a Canadian hotel room where she almost took her life. After a year and a half of self-discovery and making healthy changes in her life, she was decertified as having a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) by the professionals that told her it wasn’t possible. Now, she is passionate about helping others who struggle to find balance and live their most fulfilling lives.
If you have any other questions for Amanda, want to learn more about her story, or want to check out her coaching services (or her upcoming program), you can go to her website, www.amandawebsterhealth.com. You can download a free cheat sheet there that will tell you the top ten nutrient deficiencies that affect mental health and the best sources for each of them. She is also on Instagram @amandawebsterhealth. 

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Episode 65: SJ Barakony – Service Before Leadership

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about loneliness and dealing with emotions during COVID-19. Then he has a wonderful conversation with SJ Barakony on what it takes to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and how to take your education to the next level.

 SJ Barakony is a Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, Futurist, Thought Leader, and Board Member with more than 8 years of success serving other entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and other varied institutions. His broad areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, replicative leadership, business development, and strategy.  SJ has a passion for youth/teen entrepreneurs, start-ups, and family businesses.

SJ is a CMA (Consultant, Mentor, & Advisor), Facilitator, and Founder of Service Before Self Leadership: An Educational Solutions Provider where he designs and implements customized solutions – whether they be via paid services on retainer (mentoring, advising, group facilitation (Mastermind, DISC, or DJ to DJ)), and/or specialized consulting (creating POW (proof of work), lifelong learning cultures in workplaces of all kinds, replacing POC (proof of credential)).

He serves as a Community Ambassador for the Startup Space App & a Brand Ambassador for Web Strategy Plus. He is also the Market Area Director (MAD) for the northern half of Columbus/central OH with the H7 Network.

SJ’s business model includes designing and/or implementing customizable solutions for business owners to address three deep, fundamental problems with the traditional approach to the K-12, college/university, and also graduate tracks of education in America.

He is now, or was actively involved previously, in the following mentorship and/or advising programs/organizations:

YEA ( Young Entrepreneurs Academy )

Teen Entrepreneurial Camp


OWU’s EMF (Econ Mgmt Fellows)

Sundown Group’s ‘Ask an Expert’ Program

HECOA conferences (where he has spoken a total of nine times )

ECDI ‘s Professional Advisory Network (PAN)

1MC (One Million Cups) Columbus

Sea Change Accelerator ( social enterprise program )

SJ obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics/Management from Ohio Wesleyan University. He serves his alma mater, Ohio Wesleyan (OWU) on the Central Ohio Alumni Leadership Board.

SJ is also a prolific guest blogger (Innovate New Albany & SheOwnsIt.com) and aspiring podcast host, who has previously guested on two podcasts as of the end of 2019.


B2B ( business to business ) consultation? Let’s Meet: https://bit.ly/2tOtE3I

Online Chat (open to all)   : https://bit.ly/2R3x6zv

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Episode 64: Evan Safford – Live Like You Cannot Die And Live Your Dreams

In this episode, Brett Dupree drinks an entire bottle of wine and then goes on a rant about COVID-19 conspiracy theories and the charlatans are taking advantage of people’s fears.

Then he has a wonderful interview with Evan Safford about how he became homeless in Los Angeles to create his own web series about his story.

Today we have a singer/songwriter who became homeless while trying to get a record deal in Hollywood. But now he joins us to talk about his new song which is the third single released from the soundtrack of his original web series. And how he’s dedicated the song to raising awareness about a topic that hits home for most of us.

One question to ask would be, How does one go from being a pop singer trying to achieve relevance to now being a pop singer trying to save lives?

 And you can join Evan on his journey by following him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/evanistheentertainment/ and on Facebook at EvanSaffordthemusic

His webseries:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQztgU564PbHdVtMcRIHtHA

Stream his new song live like
you can’t die on Spotify now and keep the conversation going about to destigmatize mean drug users with the hashtag #livecantdie

Episode 63: Lyle Tard – Awakening Dreams In The Heart Through Service.

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about what he learned from Brene Brown’s new podcast Unlocking Us about grief. This COVID-19 pandemic is causing me a lot of grief. So it is always nice to learn how to deal with it. A way to deal with it is by helping other people. Kyle Tard talks about the importance of leading through service.

Lyle Tard the Founder and CEO of IMPACT Servant Leadership, which started in 2018. He has recently completed a 20-year honorable commitment in service to his country and is now a retired United States Air Force member as of 31 January 2020. Additionally, Lyle has obtained his undergraduate degree in Human Resources Management from Ashford University and is completing his certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.

As a communicator, Lyle has spoken worldwide inside and out of the military community. He has motivated young adults at institutions such as Atlanta Leadership College, American University, Harvard Business School and his alma mater, Ashford University. Lyle has consulted leaders in the city and federal government in Washington D.C. in organizational effectiveness and trained C-Suite level executives from coast to coast in companies like UST Global. Just as in his time with the Air Force, Lyle takes pride in leading the next generation of world changers. From universities to businesses to churches, Lyle’s passion is to influence the world to realize that “Leaders lead best when they serve.” IMPACT Servant Leadership aims to transition our most impactful areas of society to realize that achieving power with others is more beneficial socially and economically than asserting power over others. Lyle is also the primary moderator of the Service is Power podcast, spreading the message that “The Power to Serve, Serves us All.”

Go to impactservantleadership.com/7stepstosuccess and download our free guide book on how you can become a more impactful servant leader. If you want a deeper dive, mention this podcast and become eligible for a reduced price entry into our 7 Steps to Success Influencers Course being recorded now!

Episode 62: Daniel Levin – The Power Of Listening And Connecting To Live Your Purpose

In this episode, Brett Dupree discusses some of the positives of the Covid-19 outbreak and how he is turning a corner is the sadness and fear he is feeling. Then he has a wonderful interview with Daniel Levin who left a BILLION DOLLAR business to find happiness.

I walked away from an opportunity to run a billion-dollar business to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. People thought I was crazy. I know the courage it takes to do what you want to do, to walk away from what everyone else is doing, to create a life or a company that connects you to your purpose. I have done it. If you are ready to live connected to your purpose, I will help you.

“Danny has opened the door for us to become a culture of caring individuals to each other and ultimately the guest we serve. We would be hard-pressed to find another individual who has Danny’s passion and intuitive nature. We are truly very fortunate to have discovered him.”

Michael Stephens – General Manager – Andaz Maui at Wailea

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