Episode 91: Shannon Kelly-Thomas – Awakening To Fully Embody Magnificence And Soul Purpose

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about how he is giving up on internet arguments unless it is about the Miami Dolphins. GO PHINS!  Then he has a wonderful interview with Shannon Kelly-Thomas who talks about how she went from a tragic childhood into helping people live their full potential as a Star Shaman.

This is Shannon, Star shaman, and an ordinary messy human being. Her story is still being written and her focus lay in soul healing, community stewardship, ascension, and integrative medicine (mind, body spirit). She is a creative activist for our collective awakening. She Facilitates sacred ceremonies and spaces to shed the illusions that we are separate.

 She holds group and one on one healing containers for individuals to realize their deeper soul mission in this life and help them weave that into all areas of their life.

Reach out to her to schedule a session. She offers long term work with clients to facilitate lasting transformation and shift (you can schedule a consult to see if its a fit @ calendly.com/source1)

 You can book her to come to your town to facilitate a group ceremony for a private group or for a larger community.

Her focus is on shedding our relational wounding, and activating soul remembrance so we can create the world we know is possible together.

 For this who are seeking to overcome fear in leadership, thrive with the feminine & experience passion in your purpose. Upcoming special offering for Awakened Men. 13-week group program. 12 men. Weekly Group zoom calls. Weekly Channeled messages for the group and for individuals. One on one support. Weekly Practices to support your everyday life. Starting November 11th.

Her website:   https://www.sacredintimatelife.com/

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Episode 90: Kaycee Mullaney – Living A Fit, Rich, And Beautiful Life By Living Your Soul’s Path

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his idea of success, what his goal was when he started this podcast. Then he has a wonderful interview with Kaycee Mullaney about her struggles with anxiety all her life! Then how she get on her soul path and how she helps other people with theirs.

Kaycee Mullaney encourages and empowers women to better understand, embrace, and improve their life journeys and soul paths. Kaycee, a registered dietitian, and life coach, uses her professional experience coupled with spiritual guidance to help women attain happier, healthier, more relaxed lives.

You can find Kaycee Mullaney, her membership for women, and her anxiety releasing meditations and trainings at kayceemullaney.com. As listeners of this podcast, you can use the coupon code “Joy” to receive your first month of her membership for $11 and enjoy tons of already recorded videos on releasing fear, loving yourself more, and creating the life you want.

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Episode 89: Heather Picken – Gain Clarity on Your Vision, Breakthrough Self-Sabotage, And Live Fearlessly

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about how it is hard dealing with life sometimes. But got to keep hope. Hope is very important.   Then he has a wonderful interview with Heather Picken. Who talks about her early struggles with dyslexia and anorexia.   How bodybuilding got her on the track of changing her mindset so that she can help others do the same.

As a child, Heather struggled with dyslexia. At the time, her learning disorder made her feel unintelligent and unconfident. But as our challenges often do, it presented her with an opportunity to grow. Today, she credits her learning disorder as the reason for studying the greatest minds when she lived abroad in Italy. In addition, her extensive training and certifications are focused on human potential, neuroscience, and epigenetics.

Heather is the CEO of Lux Analytics and is a Human Behavior Expert and works with high-level business leaders, executives, Fortune 500 Companies, and people that are obsessed with gaining the cutting edge on personal performance and development of their mind.

She helps her clients use cutting edge neuroscience for rapid transformation to reprogram their brains for increased performance, productivity, & profitability and harness mindfulness to accelerate their goals.

She is also a Best-Selling Author of 4 books and the

inventor of The Vision Method and The Vision Journal which is a  patent-pending high-performance goal achievement success system that uses neuroscience, psychology, and philosophic principles for prioritizing, planning, and daily mindfulness practices to create and master habits that stick.
Heather has been featured on Hay House Radio, ABC, FOX, CBS, and CW and is working on a documentary called The Neuroscience of The American Woman.

Her favorite quote is  “Knowing yourself is like having a SuperPower!”

Subscribe to Heather’s Youtube channel to get the latest videos on The Science of High Achievers at www.Youtube/com/HeatherPickenLDV  


You can also get Heather’s FREE bundle of journal prompts, mindfulness meditation, and vision script at www.HeatherPicken.com when you sign up you’ll also be notified when her patent-pending,  The Vision Journal is available.

Grab Heather’s latest book: The La Dolce Vita Formula: A Woman’s Guide to Living a Fearless and Fabulous Life!


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Episode 88: Travis Wingfield – Getting Your Dream Job By Hard Work and Pursuing Your Passions

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about how he became a fan of the Miami Dolphins. How much he loves football, and what it is like being a football fan when he first started to now during the internet age. Then he has a wonderful interview with Travis Wingfield who works for the Miami Dolphins online team. How Travis started out as a regular Miami Dolphins board poster to actually working for the Miami Dolphins as a writer and a podcaster.

Travis Wingfield is a podcast host, on-air talent, and writer for MiamiDolphins.com. Growing up a diehard fan of the team, Travis attended Washington State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Digital Technology and Culture. As the former host of the Locked On Dolphins Podcast, Travis established a brand and audience that consistently appears in the top 200 podcasts charts.

Episode 87: Divina Caballo – Live Your Purpose By Removing Unconscious Blocks

In this episode, Brett Dupree discusses the value of forgiving yourself and spirit for when things do not go your way. Then he has a wonderful interview with Divina Caballo who tells her story on how she has learned to unblock the conscious, unconscious, and superconscious mind.

Are you ready to finally achieve the life of your dreams with an abundance of money, health, and perfect relationship(s)?

At FreeSpirit we GET YOU, you have invested so much money in making your business happen, your relationships and health, and yet you come up short. Maybe you have had some success in these areas, maybe great success, but you have plateaued, perhaps a dry spell in your biz, but there is always another level, so….What is missing? Are you listening closely? It’s NOT. ABOUT. WORKING. HARDER. Or more effort. YOUR LIFE WILL NOT. CANNOT. TRULY. CHANGE, unless you shift from the DEEPEST. ENERGETIC PART. OF. YOU. In your subconscious lies deeply hidden blocks, you are not even aware of that are hindering your success.

This is just faulty programming that is hiding the real ENLIGHTENED YOU that is ALREADY THERE. This is where the MAGIC lives, where your every desire just naturally flows into your life.

If you are fed up with being stuck in your financial growth in business, relationships, or health problems, or your lack of creativity/direction with your life purpose, and you are ready for the next level, then…

Let’s Chat!

Go to http://https://freespiritacademy.com to book a free exploratory session to see if we can dance well together on your journey to greater success.

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Episode 86: Osiris Indriya – Fostering Community With A Focus On Service To Humanity

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about how he discovered the Modern Day Mystery School and how it helped him through a trying time. Then he has a wonderful interview with the Leader of The Modern Day Mystery School Pacific Northwest Osiris Indriya on his path to becoming a leader in the Modern Day Mystery School.

Osiris Indriya is an initiated and certified Spiritual Guide and Ritual Master of a true ancient Lineage of Light through The Modern Mystery School. His passion is serving others on their personal path of empowerment and fostering community with a focus on service to humanity.

Osiris is also a creative visionary, producer, entrepreneur, artist, designer, musician, consultant, community leader, husband, and father. Osiris is regularly invited to share his wisdom at spiritual events and conferences. He is also a producer of original music and a professional DJ performing at clubs, festivals, and events on the West Coast and beyond.

If you are interested the first step on this path is to schedule a Life Activation Session with one of our certified practitioners. This 90-minute session includes a balancing of your energy systems followed by the 22-Strand DNA Activation, an ancient process to bring more Spiritual Light and energy into your entire being, aligning each recipient with their higher purpose, and opening the potential for exceptional progress and growth through service to humanity.

Schedule today at Blessoterra.Center

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Episode 85: Ty Reed – Recovering From Rock Bottom One Step At A Time

In this episode, Brett Dupree doesn’t talk about himself because the interview with Ty Reed is so amazing and awesome he doesn’t feel the need to talk about himself for a few minutes. Then he has a wonderful interview with Ty Reed who talks about him losing his family and his job to his addiction. How he hit rock bottom to the point where he wants to commit suicide and how he was able to turn his life around.

Ty Reed is a speaker, job developer, and champion for people in recovery. His personal journey of success, failure, and redemption has taught him the value of love, compassion, and forgiveness for self and others.

Ty loves respectful conversation with people of all beliefs, has strong faith in God, and is focusing daily on the small ways that he can improve his little part of the world.

Ty is currently seeking speaking engagements – via Zoom or in-person – at colleges, universities, business associations, and recovery centers speaking on the topics of addiction and recovery, personal myth, and employment. He is in the process of putting together a speaker website, but for now, can be reached at his email of ty.reed@soberwayhomes.org.

He is running a Meetup group called “Desperately Seeking Civility” that brings together people from across the political spectrum for respectful dialog. They are always seeking members who want to engage in civil discourse with others.

Ty is a Recovery Career Counselor, helping people who have escaped addiction and/or homelessness rebuild their professional lives. He has recently completed a series of articles and videos called “Are Both You and Your Career in Recovery?” on LinkedIn, that details his path from addiction and homelessness back to employment, and offers advice on how others can do the same. These are searchable on LinkedIn and Ty encourages you to connect with him there.

If you or someone you know is in recovery and looking to rebuild a career or start a new one, email Ty to receive a free 30 min consultation to provide any advice or insight.


Episode 84: Deena Janel – Trusting Your Gifts To Live A Joyful Authentic Successful Life

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his engagement and how to deal with being overwhelmed. Then he has a wonderful interview with Deena Janel who talks about embracing her gifts and moving through her fears.

Born a natural clairvoyant, Deena first realized her gift during her teenage years. At first, she shut it down, as many people do, because she was frightened. Upon accepting this gift she has worked to fully develop her mediumship, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairempathy capabilities. These abilities give her the capacity to advise on past and future events as well as provide guidance for the present situation. She has the ability to channel various psychic realms, bridging intuition, and spirit guides with the physical world. Deena Janel understands that she has been presented with a gift and a purpose and does not take it lightly. A believer of lifetime learning, she studies with other experienced mediums, Shamans, Reiki Masters, and those with highly developed intuitive abilities to continue to develop her own sensitivities.

Deena has a passion for helping people. For years, she has been using her fully clairvoyant abilities to provide powerful insight to her clients, enabling them to maneuver life’s many challenges and uncertainties. She can help you put your life on the right course and express your own unique gifts!

Deena always sets a positive intention for her readings and only allows communication between herself and high-level spirits. Even when using her shamanic channeling abilities, which puts her in a trance-like state, Deena’s communication is sole with high-level spirits. Her spirit guides and power animals provide further protection to her and her clients from any negative spirits.

Deena’s answers tend to come through quickly and directly from Spirit. She often uses cards and automatic writing in her consultations, if the client requests or she feels it will enhance her ability to guide that particular client at that time. Her clients claim she is extremely accurate and her guidance from Spirit has brought comfort, understanding, and focus to their lives.

What makes a person more uneasy than a life question that remains unanswered?

 Deena Janel works with people who need their questions answered quickly, accurately, and honestly.  Her clients continue to return because she is a no-nonsense reader who provides answers in a straight forward, yet compassionate way.  All Deena needs is your first name to begin to provide you with guidance from Spirit.

Deena advises on past, present, and future events by channeling various physical realms while using her intuition, and guidance from Spirit.

Born a natural clairvoyant, Deena has fully developed her Evidentiary Mediumship, through her four metaphysical senses:

·      Claircognizance: Clear Knowing

·      Clairaudience: Clear Hearing

·      Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing

·      Clairempathy: Clear Feeling

So what questions do you have that remain unanswered? Are you in need of healing, guidance, and/or comfort?

For more information about Deena go to http://astralwhispers.com/

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Episode 83: Mariko Frederick – Coming Back From Death To Help People Live Their Life’s Purpose

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about everything he is thankful for in his 41st year on this planet. He is a few days away from his 42nd. Then he has a wonderful interview with Mariko Frederick who has died. Then she came back to life to help people find and live their life’s purpose.

Imagine dying…then coming back and your gift was to be able to SEE and HEAR people’s destiny. Mariko Frederick did just that and her journey and dedication are to help entrepreneurs leverage the major gift already in them that they’re meant to
serve the world with!

She uncovers what your true calling is and sees the assignment on your life
as well as your path to abundance. She’s worked with Olympic and
professional athletes, CEO’s of 7 and 8 figure businesses and serves as a
transformational speaker, spiritual healer, and high-performance coach.

Her book about life in the afterlife is scheduled to be released in summer 2020. She’s the founder and CEO of Soul Priority—a training and development company dedicated to the personal development of professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their higher purpose into higher profits.

Find her at SoulPriority.com

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Episode 82: Josh Elledge – Your Influence Through Being Of Service To Others

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about going in and out of despair in the dumpster fire that is 2020. Then has a wonderful interview with Josh Elledge. He talks about how he built his company on service to others and how satisfying it is to serve while making a living.

Josh Elledge is a U.S. Navy veteran who became a serial entrepreneur who builds the companies he needs most in the world. In 2014, He launched UpMyInfluence to help entrepreneurs like himself attract the perfect audiences and grow their brands without the crazy costs and contracts associated with traditional PR companies. Since then, UpMyInfluence.com (UMI) has evolved into a purpose-driven platform bent on totally DEMOCRATIZING access to influence. Josh wholeheartedly believes UMI has a moral imperative to help entrepreneurs own their expertise, share their wisdom, and serve the world with their collective messages. Oh, and to help members grow revenue too!

UMI was the natural outgrowth of his first startup, SavingsAngel.com which had grown to more than 50 employees and grossed more than $6 million in sales with less than $500 in advertising spent. He did it all through building authority and serving audiences in the media.

Josh is a frequent speaker at business and startup conferences including Social Media Marketing World and a Tony Robbins event for his Business Mastery grads. He’s a weekly consumer expert on Fox 35 Orlando and News 13, writes a syndicated column for nine newspapers (with total readership above 1.1 million readers), and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country. All told, Josh has appeared in the media more than 2000 times.

Passionate about his family, physical fitness (an avid fitness geek and 5K to marathon runner), and breaking out of Escape Rooms, Josh now lives in Orlando with his wife and three children.

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