Episode 103: Arlene Santiago – Solving Mom’s Diet Frustration With Longterm Results

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about getting help and how not getting help for the last 16 years have been one of his biggest mistakes. Then he has a wonderful conversation with Arlene Santiago on how she helps mom’s with their health issues.

Arlene Santiago is a Health Transformation Coach and mom of three and best-selling author. She helps busy moms lose up to 30lbs, increase their energy and confidence and keep the weight off after 6 months. Arlene also helps those older than age 50 who want to prevent injury and improve balance and mobility. As a Motor Control Restoration Specialist, she seeks to improve communication between brain and body by identifying underlying causes for improper movement (functional compensations) by focusing on the nervous system to identify any blocked sensorimotor signals.

She co-authored the book She Did It:  She Did It- 20 Inspiring StoriesFrom Female Entrepreneurs Who Said Yes to Success.  You’ll learn how Arlene and many others overcame their blocks, fears, and bumps on the road, as well as the secrets of their breakthroughs and successes! This book will show you that it’s possible to start a business from scratch and make a success of it. You’ll discover that the incredible women inside these pages are no different to you after all, and that everything they have achieved is available to you, too. She Did It! … and so can you!

If you are ready to ditch the diets and live a life where you are not overly obsessed with food, follow her on Facebook at Arlene Santiago Coaching or visit http://www.arlenesantiago.com. If healthy tips, recipes and motivation are something you want and need, join her Facebook group, Healthy and Fit Moms 4 Life.

More at http://Pod.JoyousExpansion.com

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