Episode 102: Brett Dupree – Why I Left The Lightworkers Toastmasters

Brett Dupree, the host of the Joyous Expansion Podcast created a club that he loved. Every week going to this club filled him with joy and showed him that he can fulfill his life’s purpose.

Then Covid-19 took away the in-person meetings. Then the club started to go downhill. Brett Dupree ended up leaving the club he spent a lot of his time, money, and energy getting started after the events of January 6th, 2021, the Capitol riots.

It has taken a while for him to get the energy to be able to tell the story of why he left the club. Here is the story of what happened and why he felt he needed to love the club that he loved so dear.

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One Reply to “Episode 102: Brett Dupree – Why I Left The Lightworkers Toastmasters”

  1. Brett
    You already know now much I love you and I know you will find your way. Your love for everyone is inspiring. Please do not let this one hateful person allow you to lose your joy. Please reach out to me if you need anything at all.

    Love you bunches

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