Episode 99: Keren Shamay – Defining And Achieving Your Vision

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about general malaise and the problem he is having with thinking about living with purpose after feeling like he has known it for a long time. Then he has a wonderful interview with Keren Shamay who helps CEOs and Businesses create a great culture using goal setting and metaphysics.

Keren is a two-time internationally published author, speaker, and business strategist. Her strong knowledge of Corporate Culture, Human Capital Strategy, Energy Psychology, and Communication Skills allow her to strategize with business owners on the best way to create a thriving business, and in turn, personal life. Keren does this work both as an Executive Strategist in her private practice by combining her knowledge of the psychology of functional organizations, with Stress Management, Crisis Intervention,. Her specialty is collaborating with her clients to remove their personally imposed hurdles and up-level their game.

To learn more about what Keren does, or schedule a discovery conversation, call her at (682) 233-1412 or go to her website at www.kerenshamay.com. You can also lookup her YouTube channel called “PEO’s behind the scenes” For more information about the human capital strategy.






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