Episode 87: Divina Caballo – Live Your Purpose By Removing Unconscious Blocks

In this episode, Brett Dupree discusses the value of forgiving yourself and spirit for when things do not go your way. Then he has a wonderful interview with Divina Caballo who tells her story on how she has learned to unblock the conscious, unconscious, and superconscious mind.

Are you ready to finally achieve the life of your dreams with an abundance of money, health, and perfect relationship(s)?

At FreeSpirit we GET YOU, you have invested so much money in making your business happen, your relationships and health, and yet you come up short. Maybe you have had some success in these areas, maybe great success, but you have plateaued, perhaps a dry spell in your biz, but there is always another level, so….What is missing? Are you listening closely? It’s NOT. ABOUT. WORKING. HARDER. Or more effort. YOUR LIFE WILL NOT. CANNOT. TRULY. CHANGE, unless you shift from the DEEPEST. ENERGETIC PART. OF. YOU. In your subconscious lies deeply hidden blocks, you are not even aware of that are hindering your success.

This is just faulty programming that is hiding the real ENLIGHTENED YOU that is ALREADY THERE. This is where the MAGIC lives, where your every desire just naturally flows into your life.

If you are fed up with being stuck in your financial growth in business, relationships, or health problems, or your lack of creativity/direction with your life purpose, and you are ready for the next level, then…

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