Episode 86: Osiris Indriya – Fostering Community With A Focus On Service To Humanity

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about how he discovered the Modern Day Mystery School and how it helped him through a trying time. Then he has a wonderful interview with the Leader of The Modern Day Mystery School Pacific Northwest Osiris Indriya on his path to becoming a leader in the Modern Day Mystery School.

Osiris Indriya is an initiated and certified Spiritual Guide and Ritual Master of a true ancient Lineage of Light through The Modern Mystery School. His passion is serving others on their personal path of empowerment and fostering community with a focus on service to humanity.

Osiris is also a creative visionary, producer, entrepreneur, artist, designer, musician, consultant, community leader, husband, and father. Osiris is regularly invited to share his wisdom at spiritual events and conferences. He is also a producer of original music and a professional DJ performing at clubs, festivals, and events on the West Coast and beyond.

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