Episode 81: Rosemary Nonny Knight – How To Become A Deliberate Millionaire

In this episode, Brett Dupree mostly complains about his life. Woe is him. Then he has a very inspiring interview with Rosemary Nonny Knight. Talks a lot about how she wanted to be an example of how to live a deliberate life for her children. Love it!

Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling her life force drain away as she did work that did not make her feel fulfilled.  Finally, she stepped up after hitting the rock bottom of Bankruptcy and a 4-year long depression, as well as giving birth to 3 glorious princesses. She chose to start a real estate business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling she had done in the past.  It worked! and still works – She more than replaced her full-time income and completely quit pharmacy in 2013.  And then, she went on to a further deeper awakening as she realized that her whole life has been spent making everyone else happy and trying to find her worth in the approval of others.  This caused her to get back in touch with her true design self, with the help of coaches and mentors, and build a thriving online business doing only what she wants to do.

She is the creator of THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY – an ever-expanding catalog of business, spiritual and personal growth digital programs designed to empower spiritual people to leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past as they rise victorious in their TRUE DESIGN life.  She also works more personally with people in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY teaching others the Deliberate millionaire pathway to peace and plenty and supporting them in getting new income streams off the ground that more closely follow their true design.

Rosemary Nonny Knight is the author of 13 books, one of which is the “DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE FREEDOM BOOK: Live free, wealthy and on purpose – how to stop living for the weekend and start doing what you want when you want…deliberately”.  She is giving this away for free.  Download your digital copy at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/freeguest

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