Episode 78: Kayah Alexandra – Dancing Through Adversity

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about alignment and how he feels like he needs to get into his body more and out of his head. Speaking of being in your body, then he has an amazing interview with a professional dancer and choreography. A profession that one really needs to be intuned with their body and in their heart. Kayah Alexandra Franklin was kind enough to share her life story on how she got into dance, and how she mentors others.

A native of Sacramento, California, Kayah Alexandra is a performing artist, choreographer, and instructor who’s traveled around the world performing. After losing her mother, graduating from college, and transitioning to audition for her dream concert dance company all within the same 2 weeks, she jump-started a professional journey that few imagined was possible. A believer in divine timing, perseverance, and the power of positivity, Kayah has overcome barriers in her personal and professional life – wearing her scars as skin deep trophies.

Kayah Alexandra can be found on Instagram (@kayahalexandra) and on her site, kayahalexandra.com. She offers ongoing classes, updates on virtual performances, and choreographed productions online and is currently available for future performance bookings later in 2020. 

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