Episode 77: Heather Breedlove – How to Shine Your Bright

In this episode, Brett Dupree rambles a little about life and stuff. You know, how you should pay attention to the present. Then he has a wonderful interview with the author of Shine Your Bright, Heather Breedlove.

As the author of Shine Your Bright, Chief Financial Officer of Keyston Bros, and Co-Founder of Choose Goodness, Heather’s success has grown rapidly. Like so many of us, she grew up striving for the perfect life – a fairy tale romance and a successful career. While working her way through the checklist of accomplishments, she found a disconnect.

 The person she was at home was not the person she was at work, nor even the person she IS.  She was playing the role rather than participating in life. She has found excitement in bringing her full self to every aspect of her life.  Through her book, Shine Your Bright, she hopes you find the peace and courage to do the same.

 All too often life throws us curve balls or we end up on autopilot ready to implode. We find ourselves burying our feelings just to keep everyone and everything around us afloat. Is it time to start to release some of the pressure and get to know yourself again? With Heather’s help, you can start to remember the real you and unlock the emotions you have held too closely all this time.

 She will teach your audience to acknowledge and embrace these feelings, gain confidence in knowing the smiles, hurt, and anger are all part of what makes them the special individuals they are today.

For the outro, you can find Heather Breedlove at shineyourbright.com, download sample shine cards as well as learn more about the journal and upcoming events.

More episodes at Pod.JoyousExpansion.com 

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