Episode 71: Nicki Snow – Creating A Healthy Life By Learning Your Erotic Language

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about what it takes to be joyful during these stressful times as well as how he is done with the vilification of fear. Then he has a wonderful interview with Nicki Snow. Nicki talks about her journey to becoming an Erotic Blueprint coach.

Over the last 30 years, Nicki has excelled in male-dominated industries, she has become an expert in all things human body, from anatomy and physiology to human sexuality.  She has helped men step into a more empowered relationship with their body and mind, helping them to achieve what they want in their life.

She was one of only 50 people in the world, and 1 of only 5 women that were hand-selected to be a Master Certified Muscle Activation Specialist.

Since that time, she has worked with some of the greatest experts in their fields like Jaiya, creator of the Erotic Blueprints and consultant for Tony Robbins’ Platinum clients; Joseph Kramer, creator of Sexological Bodywork; Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist and consciousness researcher; and Satyen Raja, Kung Fu Master and Founder of Accelerated Evolution.

She is the creator of the Authentic Masculinity 90-day program, where she helps men who are feeling guilty about their desires for sex and intimacy. She is also co-producer of the Men’s Voice Project- a curated and heartfelt storytelling event that exposes the untold paths that men walk through, helping people understand men in a way that counters what the culture propagates men to be. 

For those of you that are really committed to getting the love and sex life of your dreams, she wanted to do something special for you. So here’s the deal… normally, her 1:1 consulting time is over 400/hour. But since you’re here today, she wanted to do something special for you.

 This isn’t for everybody… this is specifically for those of you that have been struggling with suppressing your voice; you’re unsure how to communicate; you might have difficulties with erections, orgasm, and ejaculation; you are not feeling fully satisfied both emotionally and sexually, and you might not have anyone to talk to about this. And what you really want is Authentic Connection, Love, Intimacy, and Partnership!

 If this sounds like you, or a man you love, she would like to gift you a one on one Discovery Session completely complimentary… In this session, she’ll take a look at where you are now, what your specific goals are, and what may be stopping you from having what you ultimately want. 

Go to her website: www.thecockcure.com and fill out an application today! Make sure to mention that you heard about Nicki on the Joyous Expansion podcast. She can also be found on FB at Nicki Snow and on IG at nicki.theholisticsexcoach.

More podcasts at http://Pod.JoyousExpansion.com

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