Episode 63: Lyle Tard – Awakening Dreams In The Heart Through Service.

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about what he learned from Brene Brown’s new podcast Unlocking Us about grief. This COVID-19 pandemic is causing me a lot of grief. So it is always nice to learn how to deal with it. A way to deal with it is by helping other people. Kyle Tard talks about the importance of leading through service.

Lyle Tard the Founder and CEO of IMPACT Servant Leadership, which started in 2018. He has recently completed a 20-year honorable commitment in service to his country and is now a retired United States Air Force member as of 31 January 2020. Additionally, Lyle has obtained his undergraduate degree in Human Resources Management from Ashford University and is completing his certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.

As a communicator, Lyle has spoken worldwide inside and out of the military community. He has motivated young adults at institutions such as Atlanta Leadership College, American University, Harvard Business School and his alma mater, Ashford University. Lyle has consulted leaders in the city and federal government in Washington D.C. in organizational effectiveness and trained C-Suite level executives from coast to coast in companies like UST Global. Just as in his time with the Air Force, Lyle takes pride in leading the next generation of world changers. From universities to businesses to churches, Lyle’s passion is to influence the world to realize that “Leaders lead best when they serve.” IMPACT Servant Leadership aims to transition our most impactful areas of society to realize that achieving power with others is more beneficial socially and economically than asserting power over others. Lyle is also the primary moderator of the Service is Power podcast, spreading the message that “The Power to Serve, Serves us All.”

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