Episode 60: Myhriah Young, Signature Self Coach, – Dump The Junk, Discover You, Design Your Life

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about the personal growth aspect of the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Then he has a wonderful interview with Myhriah Young, who talks about the trauma she suffered as a child. How that leads to being depressed. How she was able to move past depression and start helping people live their best lives.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to show up as the MOST confident, creative & courageous version of yourself?  Do you wonder if that is even possible?

Myhriah Young is your GAL!

With a holistic approach, her Signature Self System, takes the years of overcoming major obstacles, experiences as a young wife & mom, and turns them into a WELL-TIMED self-love journey.

She will take you through:

-Dumping the Junk

-Discovering You

-Designing Your Ideal Life

So that you can live a life that is more FUN, FANTASTIC & FULFILLING!

Have you ever felt like you show up to different life situations as a different person?  In one place you’re bold, confident, respected; yet in another, you feel meek, afraid and unworthy.

My FREE printable: Signature Self Constitution will help you corral your greatness so that you can feel boldly and confidently YOU where ever you go.

Also, I am giving you my 6 All-Time favorite Personality Assessments, so that you can begin the journey of knowing yourself on a completely different level.

Finally, if you did not join me for my program, I would still want you to do this ONE thing; check out the FREE module in my online Signature Self System called: Discovering the Real You!!  The workbook pages & teaching will help bring the other two things together and will hopefully help you to begin the work necessary to love yourself more!

I have some other discounts and goodies for you too, but I hope you will at least take me up on those fun Freebies!!

Here is my website: www.myhriahyoung.com

Here is the Special Offer I have for your audience: https://www.myhriahyoung.com/brettdupreespecialoffer

More episodes at pod.JoyousExpansion.com 

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