Episode 59: Jacquelynne Peterson – Live Your Greatest Purpose Utilizing The Law of Attraction

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his move and how it showed him once again that he lets his anxiety get the best out of him. Then he has a wonderful interview with Jacequelynne Peterson. Who talks about how she wasn’t able to find fulfillment in living her parent’s idea of what life is but was able to find it using what she learned from the law of attraction. Now she teaches others to do the same.

A 20-year corporate veteran turned Joy & Purpose advocate, Jacquelynn Peterson knows just how exhausting and painful it is to live someone else’s dream and slave away at work that doesn’t excite you, while not knowing where your life is really headed.

As a child of Vietnamese immigrant parents, getting good grades, going to college, and getting a good job was her prescription for success. So she climbed the Corporate ladder for 20 years, from entry level to 6-figure leadership positions. But even at the height of her career, she still wasn’t fulfilled or excited about the direction of her life!

Her life took a miraculous turn when she defied all logic to find clarity on her life vision while at rock bottom. She went from drifting aimlessly through her life and career, incurring $150K+ debt and a struggling marriage — to achieving financial freedom, a strong marriage, and doing what she loves!

Now she’s helping others find clarity on their life vision so they can start living the life they’re meant for with Purpose, Joy, and Direction! Her passion and purpose is to help uplift and inspire others to be their best self and live their best life.

You can find Jacquelynn at www.joyfullivingmindset.com. Make sure to check out her free gift: 4 Steps To Finding Your Greater Purpose and Direction. This guide will help you jumpstart your journey to finding clarity on your life vision and start living with more purpose, joy, and direction.

You can also find her on Facebook @ Joyful Living Mindset.

Working with Jacquelynn, you’ll find clarity on your life vision and learn how to leverage your mindset to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. No matter where you’re at, you can turn your ideal life into a living reality. Because your mindset is the gateway to your desired future.

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