Episode 58: Lea Bayles – From Total Immune System Failure To Teaching Others How To Cure Themselves

Brett Dupree once again talks about the struggles with his weight and examining himself to see why he is so uncoachable. Something that is holding him back for sure.

Then he has a wonderful interview with Lea Bayles who talks about how pushing herself to success caused her body to shut down. Learning how to listen to her body and teaching others to do the same while creating success in their business without burning themselves out.

Lea has been called “a secret weapon for life and business success,”  “a voice for healing, empowerment, and love with a capital L” and “a marvelous magician who helps us transform into our most glorious and loving selves.”

Transformational speaker, author, holistic life and success coach and radio show host, Lea empowers entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives to thrive in body, mind, and soul so they can create the lives and the powerful positive impact they love.

Recovering from a serious immune system crash in her early 30’s woke Lea up to the extraordinary healing power within each of us. This led to a 20-year career in holistic wellness which included positions as a mind-body therapist at an integrative medical center, employee wellness coordinator for a large hospital system and program director for an international yoga therapy program.

She offers 1:1 coaching, retreats, workshops and classes online, around the US, and at her home, Dreaming Forest Farm, in the foothills of the Oregon coast range.

Connect with Lea and access her radio show and a wealth of resources to help you enjoy radiant well-being and  success that satisfies y0ur soul: www.LeaBayles.com, lea@leabayles.com
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FREE Gift: The Miracle Maker’s Chi Power Quick Shift Formula: Get out of the Push More- Power Through Mode and Activate Your Chi-Power! $97.00 Value. www.LeaBayles.com the lives and the impact they love.

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