Episode 53: Kyle Grappone – Taking Your Business To A Higher Purpose To Make A Bigger Impact

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about what it takes to be truly there for someone. An aspect of love and how you can best help someone. Then he has his first returning guest, Kyle Grappone. Kyle talks about how he is taking his business from just public speaking to incorporate coaching and seminars to make a much bigger impact on the loves of high schoolers.

Kyle Grappone is a youth motivational speaker, published author, student coach, and founder of To The Next Step an educational coaching program that aims to prepare students for the next steps in life including high school, college, and the real world.
You can follow Kyle on Instagram at @KyleGSpeaks or visit his website at www.tothenextstep.org. Listeners of this podcast are encouraged to visit his website to sign up for a FREE 1-hour intro call AND his FREE eBook: The Top 5 Regrets of College Grads. In addition, listeners of this podcast get 10% off any coaching package they sign up for.
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