Episode 50: Andy Dooley – Become The Hero Of Your Journey Through Story Manifestation

In this episode, Brett Dupree celebrates his 50th episode. Pop! Pop! All the lessons he has learned in the last 50 episodes and how he has grown as a person because of it.

Then he has a wonderful interview with Andy Dooley who talks about his journey and how he uses Story Manifestation to change people’s lives.

Contrary to popular belief, life doesn’t happen to you it happens through you.

Coaching with Andy is an opportunity to discover the authentic you, getting rid of your limiting beliefs and bogus story. It’s an invitation to decide what your life is going to be about, and who you need to become too manifest your epic adventure.

Working with Andy you will discover your unique gifts that you can bring to the world and prosper.

Andy will personally walk you through my STORY  MANIFESTING Method where you will learn exactly how to become the hero of your journey and he will give you the tools to overcome the obstacles and turn them into opportunities. The results will blow you away


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