Episode 47: Cathy Goguen and Matt Rifenburg – Unstoppable By Design

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about how episode 14 of Vinland Saga bummed him out and how life is meaningless. Then he has a wonderful interview with Cathy Goguen and Matt Rifenburg. Cathy was inspired by the resilient life of Matt and wrote a play based on his life. How cool is that?

Cat met tragedy and then she met Matt. Since meeting the two have formed an indescribable bond and she has written a play about his life, Unstoppable By Design.  Now the two are working on their first novel together which explores stories from Matt’s life and his lessons learned. Between them, they have experienced divorce, brain tumors, addiction and the death of a parent twice in less than 24 hours. Their names rhyme but that is but a small part of the charm of this couple and their palpable chemistry.


You can contact Matt and Cat at http://www.MayIHaveYourAttentionPlease.com

if you are interested in performing the play, Unstoppable By Design. They are also available for speaking engagements. Updates on the release of their first book are also available on this website.

More episodes at pod.JoyousExpansion.com

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