Episode 44: Aleechea Pitts – Forgiveness For Your Sake

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about breaking patters and what his pattern has been. How is his ready to take the next step and letting go of making the same mistake over and over again. He also talks to Aleechea Pitts, who talks about how she came about being a reverend and what it takes to forgive others. How important it is to forgive.

Rev. Aleechea Pitts, fondly known as “Pastor Pitts,” is the founder of Paulean Ministries. She is a Christian speaker, mentor, author, singer, and musician. After being rejected by people and never fitting in, she turned to God and spirituality.

Whenever Aleechea felt misunderstood, the Lord spoke to her “It is not meant for people to understand you, know that I understand and have chosen you.” Rev. Pitts currently serves The Millville Police Department as the first Afro-American female Police Chaplain.

She is also the Lead Chaplain of Millville Memorial High School and most recently Fire Chaplain of the Millville Fire Department. In the words of Pastor Pitts, “I live a life of servitude and leading by example is my most effective means of leading others.”

Pastor Pitts resides in Millville, where she is a devoted parent to her beautiful daughter, along with her fur baby.

If you like what you just heard, we hope you’ll buy her book — Let It Go for Your Sake! Forgive! available on Amazon and Kindle — pass it along to your friends and colleagues. Be sure to sign up to her email list and download her ebook on her website aleecheapitts.com.

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