Episode 41: Brett Dupree – Top 3 Reasons Law of Attraction is False and Top 3 Reasons I Still Practice

In this episode Brett Dupree goes completely solo. Backing up a promise he made last week on his podcast to discuss why he no longer believes in the Law of Attraction. Brett Dupree is very nervous putting this podcast out there. Thinking he will be shunned by his Law of Attraction community.

Brett Dupree has spent many hours of his life learning about and following the principles of the Law of Attraction. Not only has he read a lot of books, but he has also listened to at least 500 hours of Law of Attraction material, and been to many group meetings on the Law of Attraction.

Since the death of his uncle on a very high vibration day caused him to question his beliefs. Last year, 6 years after his uncle’s death he finally realized that he no longer believes in the Law of Attraction.pree at his website

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