Episode 40: Christina Martine – Helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs Become Abundant with the Abundance Goddess

In this episode, Brett Dupree celebrates his 41st birthday. Hooray! Another year on this wonderful planet. He gives a year in review on how his life has gone. Then he has a wonderful interview with the Abundance Goddess, Christina Martine. Who talks about how she started out with drug addiction. Then one day when she was going to commit suicide a voice talked to her about living her life’s purpose. At that point, everything was turned around.

Christina Martine is a Spiritual Teacher and Visionary Coach. She helps women claim their true wealth and power so they can create the life and business of their dreams.

Christina runs the Abundant Goddess Academy, a 3 Month Group Coaching Program for female spiritual entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to join you can book a call with her through her website theabundancegoddess.com.

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