Episode 35: Shawn Anderson – Going The Extra Mile…Literally

In this episode Brett Dupree discusses the importance of telling a story when connecting to the audience. He figured this out during his Kickstarter addiction. He is willing to pay $100 for a Kickstarter, but rarely buys one of those games in the store. 

Then he interviews the inspirational Shawn Anderson, who talks about going the extra mile. He has walked across six countries in the last 5 years to inspire people to go the extra mile, while looking for the most inspirational stories during his trip

Shawn is a #1 ranked motivational author, unlimited thinker, and lifetime entrepreneur with a history of inspiring others. A seven-time author, Shawn is also the creator of Extra Mile Day…a day recognizing the power we each have to create positive change when we “go the extra mile.” (On 11/1/18, 553 cities made the declaration and recognized local extra-mile heroes.) 

Shawn walks his talk. Besides having inspired tens of thousands through his speaking and writing(including an inspirational speaking tour in the Philippines attended by 20,000 attendees),Shawn’s built a million dollar company, pedaled a bike solo across the U.S. (twice), and created adventures in 45+ countries including having walked across six countries in the last five years (England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and 750 miles around Shikoku, Japan.) He will be walking 450+ miles across his 7th country (France) in July 2019.


Still…he believes his greatest adventures and success are waiting to be lived. 


Extra Mile Day & Extra Mile America History:


In 2009, in order to symbolize the “go the extra mile” message, Shawn Anderson (a non-bicyclist) pedaled 4,000 miles ocean-to-ocean, interviewed 200+ people along the way whom had been identified as having gone the extra mile, and then gave $10,000 of his own money to the people and organizations whose stories most inspired him. As a part of that cross-country extra-mile ride, Extra Mile Day (11/1)……a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change in our families, our organizations, our communities and ourselves when we “go the extra mile”… was created with 23 inaugural cities. The momentum of this unique day has continued to build each year since, and on November 1, 2018, 553 mayors and cities made the “Extra Mile Day” declaration and recognized people who are “going the extra mile” to make a difference in volunteerism and service in their community.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExtraMileAmerica

Website: www.ExtraMileAmerica.org


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