Episode 34: Nikki Barron – Helping Creatives Through Emotions and Earnestness

In this episode Brett Dupree talks about his struggles with utilizing his emotions behind his desires and how he is holding himself back from reaching his full potential because of it.

Which perfectly leads into the wonderful interview with Nikki Barron, who talks about helping creatives (song writers, singers, entertainers) turn their passions into businesses. She talks about how unblocking her emotions has helped her in her business, and the joys of working earnestly.

Nikki Barron is the founder of kittenteeth, a marketing and business coaching program for creatives. Kittenteeth helps creators turn their passions into a small business. You can make a living from your art and she can help you.

To book a session with Nikki visit her website at kittenteeth.marketing or find her on Facebook & Instagram under the handle, kittenteeth.

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