Episode 33: Harry Sherwood – Consciously Living to Reach Your Full Potential

In this episode, Brett Dupree discusses his thoughts on how to live your full potential and how all of his interviews that day have an amazing theme. He also has a wonderful conversation with Harry Sherwood, who gives a lot to think about on how to live your full potential through meditation.

Harry Sherwood’s dedication to following his heart led him to travel the world. Over the last decade, he lived with and learned from monks, yogis, martial arts masters, professors, and psychologists. Harry practiced thousands of hours of meditation and received a Religious Studies degree from the University of Michigan. He studied Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kriya Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and psychology.  Harry also took part in shamanic ceremonies, tribal ceremonies, plant-medicine ceremonies, and funeral ceremonies ranging from China to Ghana to Indonesia to California. The culmination of these experiences led Harry to found Consciously.org, where he and Melanie McDaniel guide people into fulfillment, transformation and expanded awareness in mind, body, and spirit.  Harry is currently working for his Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling Degree at the University of Sedona.


Visit Consciously.org today and if you are drawn to any of the programs or coaching session, you will receive a 25% discount if you tell them you heard Harry on the Joyous Expansion podcast.  Make sure to take an extra close look at the Emotional Release sessions as they are designed to rid us of the sticky emotional baggage that holds so many of us back in life.  

More at pod.JoyousExpansion.com 

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