Episode 29: Jacquie Walburn – Heal Thyself Naturally

In Episode 29, Brett Dupree talks about how he is sick and what he has been doing in the last week to feel better about his body. Then he has a wonderful interview with Jacquie Walburn about how the food pyramid is whack! And how she healed herself with a rad new paradigm. 



Jacquie Nelson Walburn is a health transformation engineer. 
She designs deliciously effective personal programs to empower YOU to take back control of YOUR life with better health, energy, & vitality using real, whole, targeted dietary protocols, foods, nutritional, botanicals, and lifestyle focusing on root cause resolutions. 
Despite having a BS in Nutrition, Jacquie found herself fearful of her own downward spirally failing health with 15 different conditions including stage 4 kidney disease, fatty liver disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, eczema, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, systemic candida overgrowth, & the list goes on. After conventional medicine had no answers, she turned to the research only to realize everything she had learned in her dietetics program was now an outdated, old paradigm. This was devastating yet empowering as possibilities now existed by eliminating her old limiting belief system.
Once she applied this new research knowledge, she reversed all her conditions & took back control of her health. 
She started by detoxing which reversed 40 years with arthritis pain, allergies, & edema in 30 or so days. This opened up possibilities that healing could occur. So she decided to experiment on herself still having trouble believing this new paradigm. She would try each dietary protocol 1 at a time with 60 days between.  
Next, it was gluten-free losing her first 20 lbs in 30 days. Then, grain-free with another 20 lbs in 60 days, organic ketogenic for another 20 lbs in 60 days with blood sugar & A1C declining rapidly, & finally dairy-free keto for another 30 lbs for a total loss of 90 lbs, remissing diabetes & the rest in just over a year. 
During this time, before she left her job, she sought out a life coach like me/Brett to work out any issues, past ACE’s, & limiting beliefs getting in her way. Here, she discovered the importance of defining her life purposes.   
Here, She realized she needed to share all this new information with the world. Overcoming fear was crucial. She had doubts. She took a deep breath & a leap of faith quit the security of her teaching job, & pursued her life-long dream of starting up her own business helping others heal themselves with a ‘food is medicine’ & leaky gut root cause resolution approach.  
To update her education, she attended the Integrative Medicine Academy to obtain a Gastro-intestinal Mastery Certification.
She is now helping others take back control of their health & loving her life lived on purpose moving forward & business is growing as she helps more & more people recover their health. 
She has successfully helped her clients through her free speaking presentations & one-on-one coaching program with weight loss resistance, blood sugar issues, eczema, arthritis, candida, hormone imbalances, gut issues, allergies, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, even reversing 1 client’s Parkinson’s by 80%, & who knows how many others out there listing right now. 
Jacquie can be found everywhere on the internet with her own website – RealHealthSolns.com & listings with google, yelp, Bing, LinkedIn, NourishDoc.com, WellnessUniverse.com, & more. She also has a book “Heal Thyself Naturally” on Amazon.com. 
She offers free e-mail consultation through her website’s contact page. 
More Podcasts at : pod.JoyousExpansion.com

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