Episode 26: Joe Beck – Finding Your Divine Spark in Even the Worst of Situations

In this episode of the Joyous Expansion Podcast, Brett Dupree talks about his experience at the District 2 Toastmasters Annual Conference, then he interviews Joe Beck who talks about his struggles with addiction and how that ended up landing him in jail. His mom gave him a book that changed his life, and now he helps other people change theirs through his company Divine Spark.

Joe is the founder of Divine Spark. He is a YouTuber, Personal Blogger, and content creator. After facing his own personal struggles and bottoms, Mr. Beck is now devoted to a life of healing and transformation.

His victory over drug and alcohol addiction along with severe anxiety and depression is truly inspiring and I know you are going to enjoy this conversation.

You can follow Joe Beck on Instagram @wakingjoebeck and on facebook @JoeBeckInspiration You can check in to his weekly videos on YouTube @DivineSpark. If you are at all interested in life coaching, transformational online courses, inspirational videos, crystal jewelry, or intuitive readings, please check out Divine Spark’s website which is www.divine-spark.com and be sure to subscribe to their email list to receive updates and inspiring weekly emails.

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