Episode 25: Mandi Dorrell – A Story of Childhood Trauma to Saving High School Students from Committing Suicide

In this episode, Brett Dupree first discusses commandment number 5 of the Chruch of Awesome, Being Friends with Failure.  After that, he has a wonderful interview with Mandi Dorrell. First, she talks about the struggles of growing up in a verbally abusive household. Then she talks about how she became an advocate of suicide prevention.

Mandi Dorrell has been a teacher and adjunct professor for ten years and the program director of suicide prevention nonprofit. Growing up in a verbally abusive household and spending most of her life people-pleasing, she’s recently learned ways to give of herself while still honoring her own needs and wants. She now strives to live every day to the fullest and takes every experience with gratitude.

You can follow Mandi on Instagram at @themessyohm For more information on her suicide prevention programs, check out http://www.yourzenself.com

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