Episode 23: Marita Rahlenbeck – Feel Fantastic In Your Own Skin with Sacred Mundanity

In this episode Brett Dupree discusses the 3rd  Commandment of the Church of Awesome, then has a wonderful interview with Marita Rahlenbeck. Marita discusses how she helps people feel fantastic in their own skin by the lessons she learned from living through a traumatic brain injury.



Marita Rahlenbeck helps women entrepreneurs, thought leaders and career professionals feel fantastic in their own skin so they can shine from the inside out — energetically and physically — by teaching, leading & modeling the magic of food, essential oils and the Sacred in everyday living.

She is the forthcoming author of Living with Grace — A story of love and healing leaving paw prints on the heart


Check out: Confident Productivity ~ Holistic Balance and Calm made Easy

link for that: https://www.maritainternational.com/confident-productivity-opt-in

More podcasts at http://pod.JoyousExpansion.com


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