Episode 21: Ross Murker – Successfully Selling Without Alienating

In this episode, Brett Dupree unleashes the Church of Awesome! Yes, the first time Brett Dupree ever told the public about the Church of Awesome! He starts with the 1st Commandment of the Church of Awesome. After that, he has a wonderful interview with Ross Murker. Ross Murker talks about the struggles of dealing with the death of his wife, and how that experience has helped him become more resilient to the struggles of being an entrepreneur. He also tells us the importance of being authentic while making the sale, to successfully connect to your prospect.

Ross Murker is a sum of many parts: he is a survivor of childhood molest, abuse, and neglect, was a “did not work up to potential” student in school, a divorcee’, a serial entrepreneur who held 39 conventional jobs across 40 years of employable life while learning by failing at several different business opportunities during the same period,

AND is successful a few different ways as well: a veteran, father, widower, business-team-builder, Toastmaster, a student of public speaking, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, a karaoke singer, an 800 wpm+ speed-reader…, He brings a WIDE variety of personal & professional experience & education along with an earnest desire to be of service in helping people succeed.

Are you tired? Or, are you where I used to be, where “tired” is simply too weak of a word for the soul-numbing, bone-crushing WEARINESS you fight through to survive your day? I recently learned a SECRET: It’s not just what we’re eating and how – it’s what’s eating US.
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