Episode 20: Caroline Palmy – Healing Heartbreak Through Selflove

In Episode 20 Brett Dupree discusses his history in dating and how finding how he needs to change who he is rather than worry to much about attracting women. Then he has a wonderful interview with Caroline Palmy, who talks about how she was able to rebound from an abusive relationship.

Caroline Palmy is a Heart Flow Healer and award-winning Author

She helps gorgeous Empaths, Sensitive Souls, Earth Angels and Giving hearts to come back into the flow of love.

Caroline cannot help but express and embody her heart and helps others to find express and embody their hearts too.

She teaches from the heart for the heart and of the heart.

Her first book ‘Conversations With Me’ was published July 2018, and won a mention on Janey Loves Platinum Award List.

Her second book ‘Loving Conversations With Me’ will be published on May 6th, 2019.

She lives in Switzerland, with her 3 (nearly) grown kids, a Golden Retriever a cat and 9 Tortoises, surrounded in nature.

My facebook page




And in my Open Hearted Sisterhood Group on FB (woman only)


You can get my first book ‘Conversations With Me’ on Amazon (search by my name  Caroline Palmy)


Kindle and paperback, also available in German

Looking forward to getting to know you

Remember to come back to your heart.

More at Pod.JoyousExpansion.com

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