Episode 19: Camille Elizabeth – Going From Eating Disorder to Loving Yourself

In Episode 19, Brett Dupree talks about his weight loss journey. They struggles as he tries to break the pattern. Then he has a wonderful discussion with Camille Elizabeth on her struggles with her eating disorder. How both finding the right help and learning how to love herself helped her through it.

Camille Elizabeth is an artist and facilitator, working with language, imagery, and embodiment to share messages of beauty, love, and collective collaboration with the world. She invites life to fully express its vastness and depth through herself and others. Her intention is to exist as a fiercely loving leader in this time of great change. Camille has prioritized walking her path of healing core wounds and family dynamics, understanding that uniting one’s fragmented energy body toward goodness is paramount to generating any type of true peace (aka success) in the physical world. The biggest way she needed to address this early in life, was by bringing loving attention to the relationship she had with her body, and curiosity toward the pain it was expressing, realizing it to be a manifestation of much bigger forces, beyond herself. Camille’s choice to face and overcome a lifetime battle with disordered eating was the first and scariest door to walk through on her personal path of integration, and activation of her true self. She is here today to share her story….

Camille is stepping up and out into the world in many new ways this year! If you would like to read her poetry, find out more about her upcoming podcast and events, or maybe even collaborate: follow her on Instagram at @camillerevealed. You can also follow her on Facebook by searching Camille Elizabeth. Sometimes she shares things on fb, like videos, that she doesn’t share on Instagram! 🙂

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