Episode 16: Ryan Sawyer – Meditation to Help With Anxiety and Depression

In the 16th episode, Brett Dupree discusses what it takes to get back on track, after he has made the decision to get back on track with his podcast. Then he has a wonderful interview with his old highschool buddy Ryan Sawyer. Who talks about his struggles with depression and how it almost ruined his relationship. How he invited his wife on his personal development journey and that has changed both their lives and saved their marriage.

Ryan Sawyer

Former  National Champion Collegiate Football coach turned entrepreneur

I left my coaching career to be an involved and present father as well as I was secretly battling lifelong depression and anxiety.  The depression and anxiety got so bad that I couldn’t continue to coach and knew I had to invest more time into self care.

I have been on a relentless personal development journey, lost 70 lbs, found a connection to God/universal energy

Own a residential painting company, professional auctioneer

Q effect coach


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