Episode 9: Jenapher Henslee – Intuitive Reader Living Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

In the 9th episode Brett Dupree talks about his desire to live from the heart and what it means if he lives his life from his life. Then he has a wonderful interview with Jenapher Henslee. A wonderful psychic who he has experienced in real life talk about how she started her career and what steps she is taking to make sure she can reach her dreams.

Jenapher Henslee is an intuitive, founder of Jenapher’s Intuitive Readings on Facebook, and the blog, “I believe I was promised enlightenment”. Jenapher is currently using her psychic abilities with people who feel like they just need a much-needed boost in their lives, which she does mostly through the art of channeled writing, but she also likes to meet her clients face to face when she can. Jenapher has always been able to connect to Spirit but has only realized her dream of helping people intuitively in the last 5 years.
Jenapher lives in Auburn, Washington with her 14-year-old son and a menagerie of animals.

Jenapher loves to help clients both via email and in-person. To contact her directly, go to facebook.com/jenaphersintuitivereadings.

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