Episode 7: Angie Charlebois – Release Trauma with Havening

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about the joy of opening his life to pain. How being able to allow himself to feel pain has increased his ability to feel happiness.

He also has a wonderful interview with Angie Charlebois who talks about what it takes to start a business and how Havening has taken her business to a whole new level!

Angie uses Havening Techniques®, as it’s called, to create new neural pathways for safety, courage


success in the amygdala of her clients.  She’s seen huge transformations in her clients once they hack their fears.

Angie‘s offering Joyous Expansion listeners a special:  More Joy, Less Pain – Resolve trauma and painful triggers and create way more ease, joy, and success with Havening Techniques.


The best way to follow Angie is on Facebook at Angie Charlebois – Your Fearless Mind


or by emailing her at hopehealshine@gmail.com 

More podcasts at Pod.JoyousExpansion.com

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