Episode 6: Anna Margolina – Turning Fear into Adventure

In this episode Brett Dupree talks about his nervousness as he gets ready for the first meeting of the Lightworkers Toastmasters. A Toastmaster club that he has created and hopes to become a succeessful club. Then he has an interview with Anna Margolina who talks about her stuttering and how she was able to become a professional speaker and NLP practitioner.

Turning fear into adventure with the power of NLP. Go beyond your negative thoughts and take things to a whole new level.

Anna Margolina can be reached through her websites – www.annamargolina.com and www.agelesswithhypnoiss.com She offers a free 40 min initial consultation to anybody who is tired of pushing through stress and pain, and want to have more pleasure, comfort, and fun in life.

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