Episode 4: Emily Stulman Klein – From Imperfect to Living a Juicy Life

In this episode Brett Dupree talks about what he believes about success and then has a wonderful interview with Emily Stulman Klein about helping women release the idea they have to be perfect and how to reclaim their inner bad***.

Reclaim your inner badass

Emily Klein, founder of Live a Joyful Life, is an author, positivity expert and life coach. Emily works with perfect women masquerading as imperfect wives, moms and not good enough little sisters. She helps her clients lean into, move through, and release shame, fear and unworthiness that prevent them from living fully, not to mention joyfully. Her 25 years of experience in personal development have made her an expert in helping all women to create juicy, Kick A** lives.

Emily lives in Montclair, NJ with her 11 year old daughter, their large brown dog and small gray bunny.

Emily works with clients both live and virtually, one to one and in groups.
When you decide to live the life you imagined, Emily can be found at www.liveajoyfullife.com

More Podcasts at Pod.JoyousExpansion.com

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