Episode 1: Scott Holt – Breaking the Cycle of Panic

Welcome to the first episode of the Joyous Expansion Podcast! Brett Dupree talks about how excited he is about starting this podcast and why he is starting it.
Then he interviews his first guest. Scott Holt. Who talks about how he was able to break out of the cycle of panic.

Scott Shane Holt is the author of the book “Grow Or Die: How to Have More, Do More and Be More in Life and Business by Eliminating Fear, Doubt and Anxiety.”

Scott helps coaches, consultants, healer and experts grow their business and get clients ASAP by showing them how to eliminate the fear, doubt, and anxiety that keeps them from getting started, taking the next step, or finishing projects they need to do in order to grow their business and their life.

He has faced his own doubts, fears and anxieties when he crossed the ocean using only the stars to guide him, and when he backpacked through the Mexican jungle with a camera he designed and built himself.

He’s helped ministers build churches, stock traders develop trading floors, and continues every day to help entrepreneurs and experts realize their dreams.

We met at a mastermind group a few years ago. Scott was impressed by Brett’s talent at making people feel welcome and putting them at ease.


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