Episode 106: Ray Blakney – Creating 7-Figure Online Businesses In Superman Pajamas

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his joy of painting. Then he talks to entrepreneur Ray Blakney.

Ray Blakney is probably like every other award-winning Filipino-American entrepreneur who grew up in Turkey and lives in Mexico that you know.

He started his first business, with his wife as a business partner, in 2008.

Since then he has bootstrapped multiple 6 and 7-figure online businesses.

Most of this was done from home in his Superman pajamas.

He and his businesses have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Boston Globe, and other top publications. Ray has also been a speaker at multiple conferences around the world.
He is also the host of one of the top language learning podcasts on iTunes Learn Spanish with Live Lingua releasing a new episode daily.

When he is not pursuing another wild business idea, he likes to spend time with his wife, son and dog at their house in Querétaro, Mexico, and helping other entrepreneurs create location-independent online businesses.

He only leaves his house to speak at conferences and go to his dojo and to get hit over the head, repeatedly, with a bamboo sword (kendo).

If you want to find out more about Ray and what he is up to you can check out his current primary project www.livelingua.com (one of the top 3 online language schools in the world) and www.podcasthawk.com (a website that helps you get booked as a guest on podcasts on auto-pilot) or you can contact him directly at www.rayblakney.com.

Episode 105: Ingrid Cucchi – Build A World Of Strong Women Together

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about the importance of mindset, AGAIN! Then he has a wonderful interview with Ingrid Cucchi

Ingrid Cucchi (pronounced cookie) guides aspirational women who want to re-invent their career, to figure out whether their future lies in a different job, their own business or work of their own design, to create a vision for their life and take massive action. When they master their life design, they have the freedom to choose when and how they work, to be financially independent and do meaningful things that help others.

Ingrid uses her experience in moving from stuck in a job she had outgrown to a life that gives her freedom to work when she wants; flexibility to spend more time with family and travel. She has created a system called Deep Dive Heart First that takes women on a 12 month journey to re-invent themselves, one step at a time.

Ingrid is a transformational coach who is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and who has combined her life experience and thirty years of leadership and management roles to bring her clients tangible, practical results while tapping into their goals and dreams.

She is passionate about inspiring women fulfilling their potential to be amazing leaders so that they too positively impact their families, communities and workplaces for generations to come.

She is an Aussie who loves to eat too much cheese, drink great wine and geek out on what the future will look like and how humans should be shaping it.


This message is for all of my listeners who think they deserve a better job and a life you are in love with. If you know you have a feeling of overwhelm that is affecting more than your work – it’s affecting your relationships and your health. If you feel stuck, a little nervous of change and don’t know where to start – then identifying what is holding you back is a great place to start.

You are certainly not alone in feeling stuck and unchallenged at work, wanting more. Stats show that one in 6 employees are mentally checked out of their job. And yet it’s also widely acknowledged now that when people feel a sense of purpose at work, they feel more valued and empowered and everyone benefits.

Most people think that life just happens to them and forget that they have the power to choose and change and create an extraordinary life. There are some remarkably simple things you can do love the work you do, find energy again for the important things in life and feel confident at work and about the contribution you make.

Ingrid has been there, and her programs are full of practical tools not just a lot of theory to move you forward. She will happily work with you at your own pace.

You might not think changing your career and designing your life is even imaginable right now until you take the first step – so as a special offer to my listeners she has set aside time in her diary over the next two weeks to give everyone who knows they want more, a free no-obligation 40-minute Purpose Clarity Breakthrough Session to help you identify your biggest blocker at work and what to do instead so that you can change the life you are living now.

Pop on over to this link and you can book a time in her diary now. https://thenext20years.lpages.co/purpose-clarity-session-b/

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Episode 104: – Colin Thompson – Discovering Your Life Purpose And Blockchain Technologies

In this episode, Brett Dupree gives an update on his CBT and how he is working on changing his reactions to emotions, especially anxiety. Then he has a fun interview with Colin Thompson and how he became a Life Coach and Blockchain Technologies.

Colin C. Thompson, a Canadian-born Jamaican, is the founder and CEO of Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai) a Business Consulting company focused on coaching, training, and Blockchain technologies. Specializing in Personal Development, Diversity, and Career Coaching, Colin coaches individuals and groups on how to reach their dreams, goals, and desires.

Colin developed an extensive background in the Information Technology field working for blue-chip organizations such as International Business Machines (IBM), Ernst & Young LLP, and Howard University. In addition, Colin is co-Founder of XChainz, a blockchain-based educational and workforce platform for assessments, training, coaching, and the award of digital credentials.

Colin graduated from Howard University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Computer Based Information Systems and in 2006 with a double concentration MBA in Supply Chain Management and E-Business Technologies.

In his downtime, he enjoys pushing himself through competing in various events such as marathons and triathlons with his wife Kay.

“I am fortunate to be able to, on a daily basis, fulfill my true passion of building Oligye Enterprises to help individuals through LIFE Coaching and business training/facilitation; while also being able to live my dream of working with the next great disruptive technology – Blockchain.”

Once you identify your life purpose, you will have a target to reach; a target that once accomplished will positively change your life forever. once Colin identified his purpose in life which is to help others improve their lives, he started on a personal development journey that was key to him reaching my goal. By looking within and having some very tough conversations with yourself, you will realize that you are the cause of everything positive and everything negative in your life. Once you identify the person that you need to become in order to succeed, you will start to take full responsibility for your life and make reaching your goal the largest focus in your life.

When you start your journey of personal development and start living a life that is directed to your target, your life will slowly start to change for the better. you’ll start to clean out the junk in your life including people and activities that are negative and have no value. You will start attracting people and things that lead you to reach more and more of your goals. as you reach more and more of your goals and as you are getting closer to living a life of the design, your confidence starts the soar – and as you know with enough confidence and hard work, we can accomplish almost anything.

Colin wants to help you succeed in your personal development growth and journey. contact him through his website to make an appointment and together discuss how you can become the person you need to be, in order to succeed.

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Episode 103: Arlene Santiago – Solving Mom’s Diet Frustration With Longterm Results

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about getting help and how not getting help for the last 16 years have been one of his biggest mistakes. Then he has a wonderful conversation with Arlene Santiago on how she helps mom’s with their health issues.

Arlene Santiago is a Health Transformation Coach and mom of three and best-selling author. She helps busy moms lose up to 30lbs, increase their energy and confidence and keep the weight off after 6 months. Arlene also helps those older than age 50 who want to prevent injury and improve balance and mobility. As a Motor Control Restoration Specialist, she seeks to improve communication between brain and body by identifying underlying causes for improper movement (functional compensations) by focusing on the nervous system to identify any blocked sensorimotor signals.

She co-authored the book She Did It:  She Did It- 20 Inspiring StoriesFrom Female Entrepreneurs Who Said Yes to Success.  You’ll learn how Arlene and many others overcame their blocks, fears, and bumps on the road, as well as the secrets of their breakthroughs and successes! This book will show you that it’s possible to start a business from scratch and make a success of it. You’ll discover that the incredible women inside these pages are no different to you after all, and that everything they have achieved is available to you, too. She Did It! … and so can you!

If you are ready to ditch the diets and live a life where you are not overly obsessed with food, follow her on Facebook at Arlene Santiago Coaching or visit http://www.arlenesantiago.com. If healthy tips, recipes and motivation are something you want and need, join her Facebook group, Healthy and Fit Moms 4 Life.

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Episode 102: Brett Dupree – Why I Left The Lightworkers Toastmasters

Brett Dupree, the host of the Joyous Expansion Podcast created a club that he loved. Every week going to this club filled him with joy and showed him that he can fulfill his life’s purpose.

Then Covid-19 took away the in-person meetings. Then the club started to go downhill. Brett Dupree ended up leaving the club he spent a lot of his time, money, and energy getting started after the events of January 6th, 2021, the Capitol riots.

It has taken a while for him to get the energy to be able to tell the story of why he left the club. Here is the story of what happened and why he felt he needed to love the club that he loved so dear.

Episode 101: Coach Alex Ray – Helping Queer People Become Confident

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his reaction to Derek Chauvin’s conviction and has a wonderful interview with Alex Ray.

Alex Ray lived most of his life in deep insecurity… fear of failure, people-pleasing, imposter syndrome. But hidden underneath he had life goals that were screaming to be set free. After hitting rock bottom with his depression in 2017 he was desperate for change. And thus began his journey from deeply fearful to truly confident when he learned how to become brave.

For more tips on living brave, you can follow Alex on Facebook and Instagram @CoachAlexRay. And if you want to overcome your own insecurity and become brave, you can work with Alex online through his 1-on-1 coaching program. Go to CoachAlexRay.com to get started.

Episode 100: John Nepper – The Art Of Creating Engaged Conversation

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his current malaise in life and how hard it is to get motivated. Again. Then he has a wonderful interview with John Nepper about peak experiences and having meaningful conversations in the workplace.

John Nepper has been a professional speaker and a professional educator for over 37 years. He’s also a storyteller and trombonist. John is the go-to person when you want to create deeper and more meaningful relationships, both professionally and personally. He is the creator of popular programs like The Art of Engaged Conversation™ and Creating Peak Experiences…and Beyond!™

Selected as Middle-Level Teacher of the Year in the Kenosha, WI Unified School District, and a winner of the Herb Kohl Educational Fellowship Award for the State of Wisconsin, John has spoken to professional educators, at colleges and universities, and for businesses, churches, and professional associations and organizations. John works with leaders to create a more trusting and connected environment in their organizations that encourage, acknowledges, and validates employees, and members for the contribution they make to the organization.

If you have concerns about or want to change your workplace culture to one that is more positive, connected, and supportive; One that is built on the foundations of trust and would like to have a conversation with John in a free, qualified Trust and Connection Discovery call, go to his website at www.johnnepper.com and leave a message for him. He will gladly send you a calendar link to set up an appointment for the call in a timely manner.

Episode 99: Keren Shamay – Defining And Achieving Your Vision

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about general malaise and the problem he is having with thinking about living with purpose after feeling like he has known it for a long time. Then he has a wonderful interview with Keren Shamay who helps CEOs and Businesses create a great culture using goal setting and metaphysics.

Keren is a two-time internationally published author, speaker, and business strategist. Her strong knowledge of Corporate Culture, Human Capital Strategy, Energy Psychology, and Communication Skills allow her to strategize with business owners on the best way to create a thriving business, and in turn, personal life. Keren does this work both as an Executive Strategist in her private practice by combining her knowledge of the psychology of functional organizations, with Stress Management, Crisis Intervention,. Her specialty is collaborating with her clients to remove their personally imposed hurdles and up-level their game.

To learn more about what Keren does, or schedule a discovery conversation, call her at (682) 233-1412 or go to her website at www.kerenshamay.com. You can also lookup her YouTube channel called “PEO’s behind the scenes” For more information about the human capital strategy.






Episode 98: Tekla Waterfield – Kickstarting Your Dreams On The Rollercoaster Of Life

In this episode, I open up about my anxiety about bragging about myself. Then I have a wonderful interview with Tekla Waterfield about her career as a musician.

Tekla Waterfield is a Seattle based singer/songwriter and 2018 Listen Up! Women in Music grant recipient, and 2019 Jack Straw Cultural Center recording grant recipient, Tekla Waterfield lives in the wide-open realm of Americana Roots music, incorporating elements of folk, country, indie, rhythm and blues, and soul. With influences ranging from Courtney Barnett to Aimee Mann, Jim James, Wilco, The Velvet Underground, and Marvin Gaye, Waterfield aims to tell a story, paint a picture and evoke emotion with her songs.

Partnering with collaborator and husband, Jeff Fielder (Mark Lanegan, Amy Ray, Indigo Girls, Sera Cahoone) to produce her 2018 release, The Curtain Falls, garnered Waterfield critical acclaim and radio play.

Her song, Rock and Roll Man was featured in the closing credits of 2019 indie feature film, Dakota, which went on to receive Best Original Music; in the Richmond VA International Film Festival, Best of Metro DC at the DC Independent Film Festival, & Best Actress, Best Editing, Best of NOVA, and Best Score at the North Virginia Film Festival.

Waterfield collaborated with Seattle videographer, Ryan Jorgenson, to create a music video for her song, Nice Try, which was selected by One Reel to be screened/presented by the Seattle International Film Festival at the 2019 Bumbershoot Art and Music Festival.

Episode 97: Joie Cheng – Writing Your Transformational Book To Create Amazing Personal Growth

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about how people should reach out to their QAnon Red Pilled friends and try to help them come back to reality during this tough time for them as their world is crashing down because everything they believe is now obviously false. Then he has a wonderful interview with Joie Cheng about writing a book to change your life.

Joie Cheng, M.S.W., The Queen of Transformational Book Publishing, is passionate about helping people write and publish their books so they can make the income and impact they desire and deserve. She believes that when we share our stories we heal ourselves and we heal the world. Joie is a Patrick Snow certified publishing coach, international best-selling author, 2x TEDx, and professional keynote speaker, mentor, healer, circle facilitator, and a trained yoga teacher. She is the best-selling author of The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Love about her personal journey of healing herself naturally from deep depression and suicidal thoughts through self-love. Joie is the host of the podcast The Naked Truth Movement where she interviews guests who are willing to share inspiring stories and be vulnerable so fewer people feel alone. She has been interviewed on over 40 podcasts including Conscious Millionaire with millions of listeners all over the world.

You can find me at joiecheng.com. You can also sign up for my free 7-day self-love challenge or book a complimentary clarity breakthrough call with me at joiecheng.com.