Episode 32: Riana Milne – Healing Childhood Trauma

In the 32nd episode, Brett Dupree discusses the damage of holding in trauma in the body and what he is doing to release it. Also, he has a wonderful conversation with Riana Milne who gives you the 7 Ds for reaching any goal and the 10 Childhood Trauma’s that you may need to clear.

Riana Milne is a Certified, Global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach, a #1 Best Selling author, the Host of her Podcast, ALEXA’s Daily Brief, and global Radio Show on BoldBraveMedia.com called Lessons in Life & Love, an educational speaker, a Certified Trauma & Addictions Professional – and is Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 19 years in Palm Beach County, Florida.

She was also a Life & Dating Coach for the Docu-Series – Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40. Riana specializes in those who have had past Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma; and offers 1-on-1, VIP Coaching, and Online Virtual Coaching Programs for both Singles & Couples at her LifeandLoveTrainingAcademy.com

1) I offer a Life & Love Transformation Strategy Session – a $500 value for Singles; a $1000 value for Couples); for only $47 to meet for a whole hour

2) Free Love Tests & Chapter downloads of both my books; LIVE & LOVE Beyond Your Dreams is found on the homepage of RianaMilne.com

3) Free eBook on the topic of Childhood Trauma: found at –www.HavetheLoveYouDeserve.com

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Episode 31: Naresh Vissa – Never Retire By Loving What You Do

In episode 31 Brett Dupree discusses the joy of his first year of running the Lightworkers Toastmasters. His year as president has come to an end and he gives a heartfelt look back on his year. 

Then he has a wonderful interview with Naresh Vissa, who discusses his trials and successes of being an entrepreneur. He is also nice enough to give some tips and tricks on running your own successful business. 


Naresh Vissa is the Founder & CEO of Krish Media & Marketing – a full service online and digital media and marketing consultancy and agency. He has worked with CNN Radio, J.P. Morgan Chase, EverBank, The Institute for Energy Research, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, the American Junior Golf Association, Agora Financial, Agora Publishing, Stansberry Research, and TradeStops. He is the #1 bestselling author of FIFTY SHADES OF MARKETING: Whip Your Business into Shape & Dominate Your CompetitionPODCASTNOMICS: The Book of Podcasting… To Make You MillionsTHE NEW PR: 21st Century Public Relations Strategies & Resources… To Reach Millions and the new book FROM NOBODY TO BESTSELLING AUTHOR! How To Write, Publish & Market Your Book. He has been featured on USA TodayYahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington PostBusinessweekMSN MoneyBusiness InsiderIndia TodayHindustan Times and other domestic and international media outlets.





Get FREE copies of my books by getting on my e-mail newsletter list at www.NareshVissa.com and then contacting me through the site. All my books are also available on Amazon by searching for “Naresh Vissa.”


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Episode 30: David and Dana Hagstrom – Online Marketers Retirement Through Planning and Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Brett Dupree first discusses the joys of trying to live his life through the old African Proverb, “When there is no enemy in the inside, the enemy on the outside can do no harm.” Then he has an interview with David and Dana Hagstrom who go in detail on how they were able to live a comfortable retirement due to becoming online marketers. They tell you the details on how to plan your retirement and create your own business!

For more information on David and Dana go to www.davidndana.com

From their website:

We have now decided that it’s our mission (or ministry) to help other people have success in a home-based, internet-driven business. We want to share with you what we have learned. We don’t want our mistakes to be for nothing. We want to mentor you and give you the shortcut to success.  Bottom line: We are online marketers passionate about providing effective, breakthrough strategies to boost YOUR home business success.  

On this website, we’re going to give you good content (and freebies when we can) to help you on your road to success. You have found a good place, and we look forward to working with you.

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Episode 29: Jacquie Walburn – Heal Thyself Naturally

In Episode 29, Brett Dupree talks about how he is sick and what he has been doing in the last week to feel better about his body. Then he has a wonderful interview with Jacquie Walburn about how the food pyramid is whack! And how she healed herself with a rad new paradigm. 



Jacquie Nelson Walburn is a health transformation engineer. 
She designs deliciously effective personal programs to empower YOU to take back control of YOUR life with better health, energy, & vitality using real, whole, targeted dietary protocols, foods, nutritional, botanicals, and lifestyle focusing on root cause resolutions. 
Despite having a BS in Nutrition, Jacquie found herself fearful of her own downward spirally failing health with 15 different conditions including stage 4 kidney disease, fatty liver disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, eczema, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, systemic candida overgrowth, & the list goes on. After conventional medicine had no answers, she turned to the research only to realize everything she had learned in her dietetics program was now an outdated, old paradigm. This was devastating yet empowering as possibilities now existed by eliminating her old limiting belief system.
Once she applied this new research knowledge, she reversed all her conditions & took back control of her health. 
She started by detoxing which reversed 40 years with arthritis pain, allergies, & edema in 30 or so days. This opened up possibilities that healing could occur. So she decided to experiment on herself still having trouble believing this new paradigm. She would try each dietary protocol 1 at a time with 60 days between.  
Next, it was gluten-free losing her first 20 lbs in 30 days. Then, grain-free with another 20 lbs in 60 days, organic ketogenic for another 20 lbs in 60 days with blood sugar & A1C declining rapidly, & finally dairy-free keto for another 30 lbs for a total loss of 90 lbs, remissing diabetes & the rest in just over a year. 
During this time, before she left her job, she sought out a life coach like me/Brett to work out any issues, past ACE’s, & limiting beliefs getting in her way. Here, she discovered the importance of defining her life purposes.   
Here, She realized she needed to share all this new information with the world. Overcoming fear was crucial. She had doubts. She took a deep breath & a leap of faith quit the security of her teaching job, & pursued her life-long dream of starting up her own business helping others heal themselves with a ‘food is medicine’ & leaky gut root cause resolution approach.  
To update her education, she attended the Integrative Medicine Academy to obtain a Gastro-intestinal Mastery Certification.
She is now helping others take back control of their health & loving her life lived on purpose moving forward & business is growing as she helps more & more people recover their health. 
She has successfully helped her clients through her free speaking presentations & one-on-one coaching program with weight loss resistance, blood sugar issues, eczema, arthritis, candida, hormone imbalances, gut issues, allergies, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, even reversing 1 client’s Parkinson’s by 80%, & who knows how many others out there listing right now. 
Jacquie can be found everywhere on the internet with her own website – RealHealthSolns.com & listings with google, yelp, Bing, LinkedIn, NourishDoc.com, WellnessUniverse.com, & more. She also has a book “Heal Thyself Naturally” on Amazon.com. 
She offers free e-mail consultation through her website’s contact page. 
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Episode 28: Nancy Rebecca – Listening to Your Guides to Unleash Your Full Potential

In the 28th episode of the Joyous Expansion Podcast, Brett Dupree looks back at the year since he started interviewing people for this podcast. How this podcast has made him grow as a person, and how he is using the power of Game of Thrones to take his life to a whole new level.

Then there is a wonderful interview with Nancy Rebecca. Nancy shares the story of her instant awakening or satori through meditation, that unlocked her psychic abilities. From there, how listening to her guides have taken her from doing readings for her friends for free to being able to make a comfortable living while teaching others to do the same.

Nancy Rebecca is a registered nurse, who had a spontaneous out of body experience in 1994 after her first attempt to meditate. When she returned to herself, she suddenly had the ability to see energy colors around people, see their guides/angels and hear someone’s thoughts. In the twenty-five years since then, she has created a full-time business teaching others about the importance of a healthy energy field.

What is YOUR Intuitive Style?

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Episode 27: Kyle Grappone – How to Teach Teenagers to Be Successful Adults

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about the creation of his new podcast, The Church of Awesome Podcast. Which is on 7 Stones Radio. https://audioboom.com/channels/4929421 Which is where he is moving his 10 commandments of the Church of Awesome. After that, he has a wonderful interview with Kyle Grappone, a Youth Motivational Speaker, who talks about his passion for helping teenagers get ready for the “real world.” Also, he is kind enough to talk to us on how he keeps himself motivated in following his passion.

Kyle’s book, To The Next Step, is now available for purchase at his website www.kylegrappone.com. You can follow him on FB and Instagram @KyleGSpeaks and on LinkedIn but simply searching his name. If you are interested in his speaking or coaching services please e-mail him at kyle@kylegrappone.com.


Click here for the first episode of Church of Awesome

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Episode 26: Joe Beck – Finding Your Divine Spark in Even the Worst of Situations

In this episode of the Joyous Expansion Podcast, Brett Dupree talks about his experience at the District 2 Toastmasters Annual Conference, then he interviews Joe Beck who talks about his struggles with addiction and how that ended up landing him in jail. His mom gave him a book that changed his life, and now he helps other people change theirs through his company Divine Spark.

Joe is the founder of Divine Spark. He is a YouTuber, Personal Blogger, and content creator. After facing his own personal struggles and bottoms, Mr. Beck is now devoted to a life of healing and transformation.

His victory over drug and alcohol addiction along with severe anxiety and depression is truly inspiring and I know you are going to enjoy this conversation.

You can follow Joe Beck on Instagram @wakingjoebeck and on facebook @JoeBeckInspiration You can check in to his weekly videos on YouTube @DivineSpark. If you are at all interested in life coaching, transformational online courses, inspirational videos, crystal jewelry, or intuitive readings, please check out Divine Spark’s website which is www.divine-spark.com and be sure to subscribe to their email list to receive updates and inspiring weekly emails.

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Episode 25: Mandi Dorrell – A Story of Childhood Trauma to Saving High School Students from Committing Suicide

In this episode, Brett Dupree first discusses commandment number 5 of the Chruch of Awesome, Being Friends with Failure.  After that, he has a wonderful interview with Mandi Dorrell. First, she talks about the struggles of growing up in a verbally abusive household. Then she talks about how she became an advocate of suicide prevention.

Mandi Dorrell has been a teacher and adjunct professor for ten years and the program director of suicide prevention nonprofit. Growing up in a verbally abusive household and spending most of her life people-pleasing, she’s recently learned ways to give of herself while still honoring her own needs and wants. She now strives to live every day to the fullest and takes every experience with gratitude.

You can follow Mandi on Instagram at @themessyohm For more information on her suicide prevention programs, check out http://www.yourzenself.com

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Episode 24: Kat Kim – Utilizing the Shame of Past Mistakes to Fuel Your Burning Desires

In today’s episode, Brett Dupree talks about the 4th commandment of the Church of Awesome. Treat Others Awesome. Then he has a wonderful conversation with Kat Kim where they talk about her struggles with addiction, child abuse, how race affected her life, and how to utilize the shame of past mistakes to fuel your secret desires.

Kat Kim is a spiritual teacher, workshop leader, and founder of The School of Divine Confidence, which offers spiritual training and confidence coaching to emerging leaders, spiritual seekers and changemakers who are ready to come out of hiding and reclaim their confidence and personal power.

A former convicted drug offender and crack addict who faced three years in state prison, her radical transformation has landed her on set with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a contributing coach and mentor on his motivational reality TV show called Wake Up Call that aired nationally on TNT. She was also featured as a finalist in the New York Television Festival’s Lifetime Unscripted Development Pipeline as a successful Seattle entrepreneur.

After battling addiction, abuse, bullying, and depression for decades, Kat now helps women all over the world step into the best version of themselves where they can truly make a difference.

Kat offers a FREE audio training called: “From Shame to Confidence: How to Reclaim Your Personal Power with One Magical Question.” Go to:


(shame to confidence – all one word) and download it. In this audio training, you will learn how to use the shame of past mistakes to fuel your secret burning desire (and divine calling) to make an impact in the world.

You can find out more about Kat and The School of Divine Confidence at www.katkim.com.

And don’t forget to follow her on social media!

FB: www.facebook.com/katkimofficial


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Episode 23: Marita Rahlenbeck – Feel Fantastic In Your Own Skin with Sacred Mundanity

In this episode Brett Dupree discusses the 3rd  Commandment of the Church of Awesome, then has a wonderful interview with Marita Rahlenbeck. Marita discusses how she helps people feel fantastic in their own skin by the lessons she learned from living through a traumatic brain injury.



Marita Rahlenbeck helps women entrepreneurs, thought leaders and career professionals feel fantastic in their own skin so they can shine from the inside out — energetically and physically — by teaching, leading & modeling the magic of food, essential oils and the Sacred in everyday living.

She is the forthcoming author of Living with Grace — A story of love and healing leaving paw prints on the heart


Check out: Confident Productivity ~ Holistic Balance and Calm made Easy

link for that: https://www.maritainternational.com/confident-productivity-opt-in

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